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Virtual Vamp (バーチャルヴァンプ?) is a Celeb-type brand featured in Luminous Live. It is also Takao, Natsuru, and the HEAVEN MOON's favorite brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by Halloween and candies with dark-colored Gothic style. Its main user is Takao Utagawa and Natsuru Tsukimichi. The top designer is Iemasa Kibayashi. Its special appeal is Lustful Vampire.


Known Users

  • Takao Utagawa
  • HEAVEN MOON (primary)
  • Natsuru Tsukimichi

Known Coords

  • Crimson Gothic Coord
  • Shadow Striped Coord
  • Trench Vampire Coord
  • Violet Devil Coord
  • Lustful Red Coord
  • Nightmare Blue Coord
  • Dramatic Murder Coord
  • Bloody Noble Coord
  • Midnight Lover Coord
  • Purple Demon Coord
  • Trench Venom Coord
  • Candy Crystal Coord
  • Winter Dawn Coord
  • Crimson Dusk Coord
  • Diabolik Baron Coord
  • Cerulean Chandelier Coord
  • Vampire Prince Coord
  • Midsummer Night Coord
  • Glass Rose Coord
  • Black Odile Coord
  • Tarnished Candlestick Coord
  • Countess Vampire Coord
  • Dark-Pink Bride Coord
  • Crimson Sister Coord
  • Mystical Moonlight Coord
  • Dramatic Dark Queen Coord
  • Midnight Blizzard Coord
  • Galaxy Love Vamp Coord


  • The brand's mascot is Frankie
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of LoLi-GoThiC from Aikatsu!
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