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"Ryusei Change! Fashionista Engage!!"

– Tsubaki's transformation call

Series:Project Gladiator RyuseiRanger
Used by:Ryusei Muse
Special System:Saint Card

The Ryusei Change Reflect, commonly referred to as the Transformation Mirror SeiChanReflect (変身鏡セイチャンリフレクト?) is the compact-like main transformation item used by Tsubaki Hiragi in Project Gladiator RyuseiRanger. To activate the transformation, she need to insert her transformation Saint Card into the top and say the phrase Ryusei Change! Fashionista Engage!!. The mirror can change her into useful diva form and also reflect attacks back to the attacker.



The SeiChanReflect can be used by Tsubaki to transform whenever she insert her respective Saint Card at the top. It can also be used to perform her solo attacks.


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