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"Be careful of what you speak"

– Movie tagline

The Graduation is a 2019 American short thriller horror film starring Anya Taylor-Joy with Alexander Calvert. Directed by John Krasinski and written by Lulu Alden and Jeff Howard. The film is a co-production between Scream Bloody Murder Productions and Blumhouse Productions, released on June 6, 2019 in 3rd on Eid Al-Fitr on LittleLulu FalcoTalon Channel.


Katie is a university student with a worst fear she has faced since childhood: social phobia. After her husband forced her to give her graduation speech, she began to hallucinate a scary things in the students' faces: ghosts, demons and ghastly monsters haunting her childhood past. Let the horror begin!!


The film begins with the scene of Katie as she's in a state of panic because of horror she has faced since her childhood: social phobia. Her husband, George, decides to bring her by force to the university to give the graduation speech despite the constant fear of bullying and ridicule by her colleagues. While standing on the podium to give the graduation speech, Katie felt something terrifying and bloody in her mind and began to hallucinate the frightening shapes in the students' faces: where she saw her friend carrying a pen like a knife trying to kill her, or her black friend as if he was a demon trying to scare her, or a colleague like a ghost trying to attack her. Things get worse when she imagine that her colleagues are monsters and mutilated beings, then her painful childhood memories began haunting her: Where she was subjected to daily violence and abuse by her parents, bullying and ridicule in school and then harassment or attempted murder by strangers. In the end, Katie wakes up in the podium screaming in intensity horror, making her very embarrassed by her colleagues, who mocking her for being a scared child. Forcing to run away crying in shameful, her husband calms her down in front of everyone who are worried about her lack of social. This is how the story about social phobia that should know about it before you go to school.


  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Katie
  • Alexander Calvert as George
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