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LeaderMakoto Todoroki
"Arise! The star falls in love for you, Star✩Feather!!"

– Star✩Feather's group catchphrase.

Star✩Feather (スター✩フェザー Sutā✩Fezā?) is a idol boys band made up of six students from Kashuko School, created to ensure the academy's success and existence. The group consists of Makoto Todoroki, Azuma Kushibiki, Hotaru Akahoshi, Keisuke Tsukimura and Lei Inokuma, and the five members are later joined by Takao Utagawa after he leaves HEAVEN MOON. The producer of Star✩Feather is Yurina Sakurano, the main protagonist.

Boys Band Information


Unit Outfits

Star✩Feather Main Coords

Star✩Feather uses the bird feathers based Coords for the most of their performances, and the outfits' designs and patterns are based on the name and uses the color palette of bird-themed colors.

  • Red Eagle Coord (Makoto)
  • Blue Hawk Coord (Azuma)
  • Purple Dove Coord (Hotaru)
  • Green Sparrow Coord (Keisuke)
  • Yellow Swallow Coord (Lei)
  • Silver Swan Coord (Takao)

Acknowledges of the Dance Special Audition

  • Warm Kiss Star Coord (Makoto)
  • Snow Mosaic Star Coord (Azuma)
  • Aurora Mirror Star Coord (Hotaru)
  • Moon Beam Star Coord (Keisuke)
  • Multi Glitter Star Coord (Lei)
  • Knight Domino Star Coord (Takao)
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