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The Scream Queens Collection Vol.3: A Silver Vintage Screamers (スクリームクイーンズコレクション第3巻: シルバーヴィンテージスクリーマー Sukurīmu Kuīnzu Korekushon Dai 3-Kan: Shirubā Vuintēji Sukurīmā?) is an upcoming episodic adventure survival horror point-and-click video game for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, developed by Dark Dungeon and published by Capcom and LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. It is the third installment in the Scream Queens Collection series to be only released on October 3, 2018 during Halloween Eve every year, and it sequel to the second game.



"All Hollow's Eve comes out for BLOOD!"

– Tagline

After the events of Delta Alpha Eta sorority massacre 3 months ago, the college student Ophelia Sutherland becomes inspired by a horror movie performance by B-movie scream queen Dee Roth and attends Screamfold Productions to starring her debut role of upcoming horror flick "Screaming Mandragora". But her first day at haunted house tests was quickly turned into horror when the masked serial killer "Skullman" slaughtering film crews and researchers. With has no choice but to survive the bloodbath, Ophelia will do anything to overcome the fear and protect her favorite actress from Skullman's clutches. Setting after 10 years of SQC2.

Characters and Cast

Main Cast

  • Ophelia Sutherland - voiced by Marina Inoue (Japanese) and Olivia Sudworth (English)
  • Dee Roth - voiced by Miki Itou (Japanese) and Debbie Rochon (English)
  • Micheal Loman / Skullman - voiced by Yukitoshi Hori (Japanese) and Kane Hodder (English)

Episode 1: One More Scream!!

  • Deputy Officer Felicia Ross - voiced by Maria Kawamura (Japanese) and Felissa Rose (English)
  • Dr. Brittney Strauss - voiced by Ai Uchikawa (Japanese) and Brinke Stevens (English)
  • Dr. Stewart Lawson - voiced by Masuo Amada (Japanese) and Sid Haig (English)
  • Detective George Archer - voiced by Masami Kikuchi (Japanese) and Gregory Blair (English)
  • Erina Holden - voiced by Misato Fukuen (Japanese) and Erin Marie Hogan (English)
  • Darwin Howard - voiced by Daisuke Kishio (Japanese) and Dylan Hobbs (English)
  • Kira Whitfield - voiced by Yukiko Iwai (Japanese) and Kari Wuhrer (English)
  • Chizuru Oshima - voiced by Minami Tsuda (Japanese) and Danielle Panabaker (English)
  • Dave Kirk - voiced by Wataru Hatano (Japanese) and Dean Kirkright (English)
  • Tracy Shelton - voiced by Ryouko Tanaka (Japanese) and Tiffany Shepis (English)

Episode 2: Banshee Academia 3: Banshee's Origin

  • Takako Rikimaru - voiced by Kana Ueda (Japanese) and Tara Raid (English)
  • Takaya Kurosawa - voiced by Takaya Hashi (Japanese) and David Matranga (English)
  • Chiaki Shimamura - voiced by Sayaka Senbongi (Japanese) and Colleen Shallcross (English)
  • Heiji Matsuoka - voiced by Shun Horie (Japanese) and Gregory Lush (English)
  • Mari Shimada - voiced by Nana Mizuki (Japanese) and Marley Shelton (English)
  • Taisuke Gibu - voiced by Takashi Ohara (Japanese) and Howard Wang (English)
  • Officer Nakano - voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese) and Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
  • Takako Kodama - voiced by Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese) and Ella Ballentine (English)

Episode 3: Happy Birthday to Me...!

  • Eddie Roth - voiced by Jun Fukushima (Japanese) and Eli Roth (English)
  • Lauren Ivov - voiced by Juri Mori (Japanese) and Lorenza Izzo (English)
  • Julia Larsen - voiced by Maki Tomonaga (Japanese) and Jordan Ladd (English)
  • Arnold Thornton - voiced by Makoto Yasumura (Japanese) and Alan Tudyk (English)
  • Donna Parson - Noriko Aoki (Japanese) and Devanny Pinn (English)
  • Bernard Moss - voiced by Daiki Hamano (Japanese) and Brandon Jay McLaren (English)
  • Mona Gerhard - voiced by Eriko Hara (Japanese) and Monique Gabrielle (English)
  • Officer Thompson - voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda (Japanese) and Tyler Mane (English)
  • Cheryl Simpkin - voiced by Hatsumi Takeda (Japanese) and Chelan Simmons (English)

Episode 4: Vampire's Untold

  • Scottie Campbell - voiced by Yu Shimamura (Japanese) and Scout-Taylor Compton (English)
  • Hannah Donovan - voiced by Kiyono Yasuno (Japanese) and Heather Dorif (English)
  • Kain Galloway - voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese) and Kyle Gallner (English)
  • James Parson - voiced by Satoshi Hino (Japanese) and Jared Padalecki (English)
  • Lenore Quagmire - voiced by Ryouko Ono (Japanese) and Linnea Quigley (English)
  • Jackson Peele - voiced by Kenta Miyake (Japanese) and Jordan Peele (English)
  • Teresa Koll - voiced by Kaori Nazuka (Japanese) and Taylor Cole (English)
  • Brooke Campbell - voiced by Michie Tomizawa (Japanese) and Barbara Crampton (English)

Episode 5: Terror Through Dead End / Episode 6:Halloween's Ballad ~Scream Never Chance~

  • Father Benoit - voiced by Kenji Nomura (Japanese) and Toby Todd (English)
  • Megan Koll - voiced by Kaede Hondo (Japanese) and Kira Buckland (English)
  • Ophelia's father (Ending Scene) - voiced by Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese) and Greg Dulcie (English)


The game was separated into six episodes, released in intervals.

No. Title Directed by Original release
1 "One More Scream!!" Adam Green October 3, 2018
"Setting after 10 years of the St. Albert's massacre, the young woman named Tracy Shelton was brutally murdered by the amateur horror film crews so they can making the most realist death scene in entire horror movie. Meanwhile, the college student freshman Ophelia Sutherland attended student horror film class alongside her sorority sisters of Delta Alpha Eta. As they planning for making slasher film inspired by "Halloween", the mysterious masked killer break in the campus and kills all sisters one-by-one. Will Ophelia survives the creepy events? Taking the place in St. Albert College 3 months ago."
2 "Banshee Academia 3: Banshee's Origin" Kiyoshi Kurosawa October 3, 2018
"10 years passed following the second part of Banshee Academia's cult, the horror film actress Takako Rikimaru and her friends went to the academy of horror film class to test their courage for the cult-class movie premiere (Occult of the Banshee). But soon the best known about the outstanding frightening scene involve Takako's blood-curdling scream turned into the real horrors when the one of her friend's skin peeled off. After the crews flee in panic, Takako quickly meets her familiar ghost child named Takako Kodama, who said that they're died by their parents in the academy cult. Can Takako escape the haunted academy and investigate the Kodama's origins?"
3 "Episode 3: Happy Birthday to Me...!" James Wong October 10, 2018
"3 months has passed since Delta Alpha Eta Sorority Massacre, Ophelia, now suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, become inspired by a horror movie performance by B-movie scream queen Dee Roth and attends Screamfold Productions to starring her debut role of upcoming horror flick "Screaming Mandragora". Dee's cousin, horror movie director Eddie Roth, has invited his crews for Dee's birthday with Halloween-themed decorations. Soon, one of the amateur b-movie actress is murdered! And the crews become suspects for the gruesome murder. But the serial killer, now known as Skullman and is on the loose! Ophelia's nightmare comes back to haunt her as Dee must protect her and everyone from the bloody massacre."
4 "Vampire's Untold" Brad Falchuk and Adam Green October 17, 2018
"Following the death of her friends, Ophelia is chosen alongside Dee Roth for upcoming Gothic horror film (Vampire's Untold) starring Scootie Campbell and Lennore Quagmire. However, when everybody goes missing, Ophelia investigating and deep digging into the dark past of Skullman's origin and the true motives behind the young woman's death by the horror movie crew. Until the end, Scootie's mother, Brooke, turned out to be murderer. She said the she killed her daughter after she find out that Scootie pregnant with Kain's baby and start killing off everyone except Ophelia and Dee so she could obtains her as a sacrifice before Dee killed her with hammer. Then Skullman knock Ophelia out and drags her along."
5 "Terror Through Dead End" Brad Falchuk October 24, 2018
"Ophelia wakes up from the nightmare of Skullman killing everyone and find herself bounded in the mysterious mansion. The man who turned out to be Father Benoit, the priest who said he rape and kills three girls of Delta Alpha Eta to sacrifice their virgin for the satanic evil entity. Learning the truth behind The Skullman's mask, she escape the place and find Dee tied too. Will they escape the madness before the Skullman kill the last."

Worst Ending: If you beat up Dee or Hannah, Ophelia will leave them alone to be captured or murdered. When she comes face-to-face with Skullman, who turned out to be Micheal Loman, Woody and Wendy's father and Willy's uncle, who said that comes for revenge against young people for murdering his family. Ophelia become haunted by everyone's dead and passed out. Then she wakes up gagged and bounded in the altar. Micheal said he will release the entity of evil forces once he sacrificed her to terrorizing everyone in the town. Ophelia screams a muffled sound helplessly and hopelessly when Micheal is about to stab her in the heart!

6 "Halloween's Ballad ~Scream Never Chance~" All October 31, 2018
"After they managed to kill Father Benoit, Skullman kidnaps Ophelia and attempt to sacrifice her for the spirit of his family's past. But his plan turned backfire when Officer Thompson shoot at the altar, saving her. Skullman revealed himself as Michael Loman, Woody and Wendy's father and Willy's uncle, who said that comes for revenge against young people for murdering his family. All of sudden, he transforms into the demon and kill Dee, Hannah and even Officer Thompson to keep her alone, then Ophelia is chased through the tower by the monster. Michael say that he will avenged his family by killing horror-addict people to terrorizing them in the town. However, after the last fight and final chase, Ophelia used same method as Dee was played as the final girl and managed to kill Michael with an ax. If canon ending is default unlocked, then Ophelia start to cry over losing her dearest friends as the helicopter arrived to take her home. Two years later, the man (Ophelia's father) visits his daughter, who's now suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder for two years of horror and never recovered although she having a picnic date with her boyfriend Trevor alongside his daughter Megan. She is so happy that Loman family were no longer exist. After that, they starts making love while Megan and the rest of children goes for trick or treats tour as the game ends."

Multiple Ending

Gold Ending

Good Ending

Sad Ending

Bad Ending

Worst Ending

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