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The Scream Queens Collection Vol.1: Hot Chick's Bloodbath (スクリームクイーンズコレクション第1巻: 熱いひよこの大虐殺 Sukurīmu Kuīnzu Korekushon Dai 1-Kan: Atsui Hiyoko no Dai Gyakusatsu?) is an episodic adventure survival horror point-and-click video game for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, developed by LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc and published by Capcom and Dark Dungeon. It is the first installment in the Scream Queens Collection series to be only released on October 3, 2016 during Halloween Eve every year.


Scream Queens Collection Vol.1 is a survival horror game with similar gameplay elements to Clock Tower 3 and Haunting Ground. The player controls Janette Leighton or Sakura Tsukinowa directly and gives commands to support characters, Kathy Issacson or Kiriko Koyamizu. Janette can run and perform a backstep maneuver, both of which reduce stamina. She can also crouch down to hide from enemy pursuers. Janette or Sakura can dodge and tackle enemies as well, but tackling also reduces stamina. Losing too much stamina will result in her becoming exhausted, causing her movements to slow down or possibly stop altogether. Exhaustion can be revived with certain items or with time. Janette or Sakura can interact with the environment by checking items, opening doors, and climbing ladders. The player can utilize hiding spots to evade pursuers. Other areas act as retaliation points that allow Janette or Sakura to use her environment to counterattack against her enemy, although some of these locations can only be used once.


""The High-Pitched Scream That Never Heard Before! All Blonde Scream Queens Party Get Axed!""

– Tagline

A 25-year-old scream queen Janette Leighton, was traumatized from the horror of Beta Mu Omega sorority massacre and all of her sorority sisters are murdered, committed since she was 19 years old by the mysterious serial killer named Woody Loman or "Scream Queen Butcher". Now a b-movie actress, she must escape from the hands of Woody to save everyone and escape before is too late.

Characters and Cast

Main Cast

Episode 1: Pilot Cast

Episode 2: Banshee Academia Cast

Episode 3: My Psycho-Auntie Cast

Episode 4: Pumpkin-Head Horsemen Cast

Episode 5: Dusk Til' You Down to Death Cast

Final Episode: Evil Comes Hatchet ~ Halloween Hollow


The game was separated into six episodes, released in intervals.

No. Title Directed by Original release
1 "Pilot" Brad Falchuk October 3, 2016

On this day six years ago, the sorority girls Beta Mu Omega arranges for the Halloween. But while going to sleep, things goes horribly wrong when Woody Loman start to kill the girls one by one.

2 "Banshee Academia" Kiyoshi Kurosawa October 3, 2016

A Japanese horror movie director Ryota Zendaichi hires 20-year-old J pop singer and horror movie actress Sakura Tsukinowa attends the Banshee Academia for her special training. But when she meets a girl named Tomoko Kodama, who actually a Banshee cause Sakura to lets out the skin-pilled bloodcurdling scream, killing her friends and crews.

3 "My Psycho-Auntie" Bradley Buecker October 10, 2016

Six years later, a now-adult Janette returns after receives psychiatric treatment from St. Alberto Psychiatric Center to visit her aunt Jamie Lou Crewe. But now, she has hallucinations of the monstrous Woody Loman killing everyone and her new friends don't care about her, believing she was insane. All of sudden, Woody Loman comes back alive to kill her friends. Jamie Lou, discovered that she have been linked to the killer, plan to kill Janette because of her father.

4 "Pumpkin-Head Horsemen" Mike Flanagan October 17, 2016

Upon returning to the Demon Horse Studio, Janette portrayed as a shy scream queen Mia Crimsons who being terrorized by the Headless Horsemen. But think is getting wrong when Woody Loman being attacking her crew in the studio. Janette and her new Japanese boyfriend Kenichi Hasegawa runs alongside Kathy and Julie to rescue their friends before it's too late. However, the legendary horror lady Luna Shawcross proclaim that Halloween means sacrifice ritual will coming true. Soon, Janette start to have hallucinate on the Horsemen with Pumpkin-Head and being to lost her sanity when Luna dressed as a horsemen chasing after her.

5 "Dusk Til' You Down to Death" Brad Falchuk and Kiyoshi Kurosawa October 24, 2016

Four people are now captivated by Woody, Janette release herself to find Julie's dead body after being raped and killed by Father Emmerich. Now Kenichi and Kathy are only lift, she then attacked by Woody's little sister Wendy. Can the three survived before unleash a new horror?

6 "Evil Comes Hatchet ~ Halloween Hollow" All October 31, 2016

Janette and her friends faces the worst nightmare when Father Emmerich remote the bomb, killing Kenichi. Now Two girls are lift! Woody revealing himself to be the one who murdered his family due to mentally illness. Janette must overcome the nightmare to save the world from terrible nightmare once and for all.


The Worst Ending (Blood Tied That Bind)

How to getbeat up Kenichi or Kathy during escape and found Hoffman wounded. Kathy and Kenichi were captured off screen, leaving Janette all alone. Janette turns around to see Woody, who tells her that she pick Wendy up and making a fun of her, even she cyber-bullying and force-feeding raw eggs as a punishment for beating up one of student. Now realizing what have she done, Janette then being haunted by her parents until she passed out. Hours later, she wake up tied in the altar and Father Emmerich said he will make her a mate in order to unleash a new terror. Janette screams helplessly as he comes into a rape.

Seven months later, a heavy-pregnant Janette is sitting on the chair and watching people screaming and running by the zombies during Halloween Eve. Emmerich comes in and kissing her on her lip, then he leave. The dead bodies of Kathy, Kenichi, and even Hoffman were found. Janette smiles insanity and maniacally laughs as she enjoy people murdered, say "Happy Halloween!".

The Bad Ending (You Can Not Run!)

The Good Ending (Running Toward The Light)

The Great Ending (Let's Go Home!)

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