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"With these cards, they're are cames life itself from strong power of love!"

– Official motto from Project Gladiator RyuseiRanger

Saint Card (セイントカード Seinto Kādo?) are the main collectible items that appear in Project Gladiator RyuseiRanger, used by students of idol-producing company, GINGA Agency, to dress up their appearance. There are also brands, each with it's own top designers whom works to design outfits for the Saint Cards. A card appears before those they confess the RyuseiRanger's power if they emit a strong feelings toward Ryusei Muse.


The RyuseiRangers can put the Saint Cards into the transformation devices to transform into their correspondent RyuseiRanger, changing into alternate forms, combining weapons, summoning their robots and combine into the giant robo. By unlocking the Sigma Coord, the RyuseiRangers can access forms of the 88 modern constellations' arsenal.


Card Guides


Image Type Elemental and Symbols
Cute Type (RyuseiRanger)
Cute Aether
Heart and Ribbon
Passion Type (RyuseiRanger)
Passion Fire
Cool Type (RyuseiRanger)
Cool Ice/Water
Pop Type (RyuseiRanger)
Pop Metal
Sexy Type (RyuseiRanger)
Sexy Air
Rock Type (RyuseiRanger)
Rock Time
Charm Type (RyuseiRanger)
Charm Wood/Flowers
Classic Type (RyuseiRanger)
Classic Light
Ethnic Type (RyuseiRanger)
Enthic Dark


Rarity Description Sigma Points
Star (スター?) Many random cards which RyuseiRanger can find anywhere, obtained from monsters-of-the-week, disguise skills or special effects, mostly RyuseiRangers have a single star card set. ★★☆ or ★★★
Celeb (セレブ?) As the name describes, Celeb cards are limited edition-like cards which mostly provided by Brands suppliers. Using for transformation, form-changes, attack weapons and combination mechas. ★☆☆ or ★★☆
Premium (プレミアム?) Once-made only coords, Premium cards are designed by the Top Designers under request, which designed until the their auras has activated. ☆☆☆ or ★☆☆
Superstar (スーパースター?) Superstar cards are like Celeb cards, but Superstar cards only can be found by various SIGMA set. The designs are mostly a re-design from cards already exist called Original Sigma Design. It can only obtained when Tsubaki Hiragi confess her romantic feeling for the RyuseiRangers. Σ or ☆☆☆


School Coords

  • French Rose Coord - Wearing school uniform with pink-themed tie.
  • Imperial Red Coord - Wearing school uniform with red-themed necktie.
  • Bleu de France Coord - Wearing school uniform with blue-themed necktie.
  • Maximum Yellow Coord - Wearing school uniform with yellow-themed necktie.
  • Wisteria Coord - Wearing school uniform with violet-themed necktie.
  • Eerie Black Coord - Wearing school uniform with black-themed necktie.
  • Pine Green Coord - Wearing school uniform with green-themed necktie.
  • Golden Sun Coord - Wearing school uniform with gold-themed necktie.
  • Silver Moon Coord - Wearing school uniform with silver-themed necktie.

Transformation Coords

  • Ribbon Muse Coord - Allows Tsubaki to transform into Ryusei Muse.
  • Dragon Fire Coord - Allows Daisuke to transform into Ryusei Red.
  • Anchor Sea Coord - Allows Izumi to transform into Ryusei Blue.
  • Glitter Iron Coord - Allows Nagisa to transform into Ryusei Yellow.
  • Spicy Wind Coord - Allows Ray to transform into Ryusei Violet.
  • Space Time Coord - Allows Chris to transform into Ryusei Black.
  • Flower Oak Coord - Allows Jun to transform into Ryusei Green.
  • Shining Sol Coord - Allows Kinjo to transform into Ryusei Sol.
  • Gleaming Luna Coord - Allows Ginta to transform into Ryusei Luna.

Sigma Premium Coords

  • Premium Muse Coord - Allows Ryusei Muse to transform into Sigma Muse.
  • Premium Fire Coord - Allows Ryusei Red to transform into Sigma Red.
  • Premium Sea Coord - Allows Ryusei Blue to transform into Sigma Blue.
  • Premium Iron Coord - Allows Ryusei Yellow to transform into Sigma Yellow.
  • Premium Wind Coord - Allows Ryusei Violet to transform into Sigma Violet.
  • Premium Time Coord - Allows Ryusei Black to transform into Sigma Black.
  • Premium Oak Coord - Allows Ryusei Green to transform into Sigma Green.
  • Premium Sol Coord - Allows Ryusei Sol to transform into Sigma Sol.
  • Premium Luna Coord - Allows Ryusei Luna to transform into Sigma Luna.
  • Galaxy Enneagram Coord - Allows the RyuseiRangers to transform into Enneagram Form.

Weapon Coords

  • Ribbon Tambourine Coord - Allows Ryusei Muse to morph RyuseiBlast into Ribbon Tambourine.
  • Dragon Sword Coord - Allows Ryusei Red to morph RyuseiBlast into Dragon Sword.
  • Anchor Trident Coord - Allows Ryusei Blue to morph RyuseiBlast into Anchor Trident.
  • Star Yoyo Coord - Allows Ryusei Yellow to morph RyuseiBlast into Star Yoyo.
  • Butterfly Axe Coord - Allows Ryusei Violet to morph RyuseiBlast into Butterfly Axe.
  • Time Hammer Coord - Allows Ryusei Black to morph RyuseiBlast into Time Hammer.
  • Flower Arrow Coord - Allows Ryusei Green to morph RyuseiBlast into Flower Arrow.
  • Sunrise Rapier Coord - Allows Ryusei Sol to morph SunMoonBlast into Sunrise Rapier.
  • Moonbeam Shoot Coord - Allows Ryusei Luna to morph SunMoonBlast into Moonbeam Shoot.

Mecha Coords

  • Sweet Princess Coord - Summons Eros into battle and turning it into space shuttler.
  • Wild Dragon Coord - Summons Inferno into battle and turning it into fire truck.
  • Blue Innocent Coord - Summons Ocean into battle and turning it into submarine.
  • Pop 'n Spike Coord - Summons Thundar into battle and turning it into multirole combat aircraft.
  • Fair Papillon Coord - Summons Fauna into battle and turning it into glider.
  • Black Hourglass Coord - Summons Time into battle and turning it into driller.
  • Floral Vivid Coord - Summons Fleur into battle and turning it into racing car.
  • Bright Sunlight Coord - Summons Soare into battle and turning it into military tank.
  • Lustre Moonlight Coord - Summons Fengari into battle and turning it into military halicopter.

Combination Coords

  • SanKishi Coord - Combining Inferno, Ocean, and/or Thundar with coords with Eros' heart into SanKishi. Can alternate into either Mermaid or Eagle.
  • SanJuushi Coord - Combining Fauna, Time, and/or Fleur with coords with Leonis Regu's core into SanJuushi. Can alternate into either Bison or Tulip.
  • RyuseiOh Coord - Combining Inferno, Ocean, Thundar, Fauna, Time, and Fleur with coords with Eros' heart and Leonis Regu's core into RyuseiOh.
  • GingaShin Coord - Combining Soare and Fengari Robots into GingaShin. Can change their forms into GingaShin MOON.
  • RyuseiDaiOh Coord - Combining Eros, Phemius and MetaStar Robots into RyuseiDaiOh.

Power-Up Coords

Special Coords

Sigma Cardlist

This is a list of Sigma Coords that obtained from the episodes of Project Gladiator RyuseiRanger in order of appearance.

No# Name Obtained from Constellation Effects
01 Navy Police Storm Eagleed Draco Allows to increases the attack power.
Disguising Tsubaki as police officer to busted the thief.
02 Swan Ballerina Storm Eagleed Cygnus Enables the user to make the body flexible.
Disguising Tsubaki as ballerina for training and for ballet theater show.
03 Pretty Primavera Storm Eagleed Andromeda Able to bind enemies in chains.
Disguising Tsubaki as a florist to sell flowers for Daisuke and Izumi.
04 Material Manga Girl Flame Stagger Pictor Allows to increases the mental power.
Disguising Tsubaki as a manga artist to drawing her one romance manga.
05 Alice Blue Nurse Flame Stagger Serpens Able to create antidote or vaccine for treating poison.
Disguising Tsubaki as a nurse to treat the students.
06 Ghost Hunter Gravity Beetcules Pavo Able to locate the hidden objects via Kujaku Goggles.
Disguising Tsubaki as a ghost hunter to investigate the ghost at one of Nagareboshi Academy's buidings.
07 Black Coral Artisan Gravity Beetcules Caelum Generates an energy chisel to build faster.
Disguising Tsubaki as a sculptor to create her own figure to shows off Chris.
08 Cherry Tea Host Kimono Dark Necrobat Boötes Allows to increases the speed power, also allows to harvest green tea in 15 seconds.
Disguising Tsubaki as a tea host to serves the green teas.
09 Momiji Umber Archer Dark Necrobat Sagittarius Allows the user to attack with powerful arrows.
Disguising Tsubaki as an archer to prove her skills of archery.
10 Swallowtail Actress Chain Hetimarl Tucana Enable the users to fly high.
Disguising Tsubaki as an actress for casting in theaters, stage play or films.
11 Orange Fair Beautician Chain Hetimarl Vulpecula Gives people a brand new makeup style.
Disguising Tsubaki as a beautician to give all girls a new-type makeup.
12 Macadamia Cook Explosive Horneck Dorado Allows the user to create a bubble shield to keep the oxygen under water.
Disguising Tsubaki as a cook to cook the meals.
13 Crimson Campfire Explosive Horneck Fornax Create a fire pit for campfire.
Disguising Tsubaki as a scout girl to guide them for scouting.
14 Peony Flower Arrangement Sparkling Mandriller Indus Making flowers growth using special seeds.
Disguising Tsubaki as a flower arrangement to create a beautiful flower display.
15 Minty Bronze Engineering Sparkling Mandriller Sextans Materializes a sextant tool.
Disguising Tsubaki as an engineer to build a plan.
16 Lilac Hairdresser Shining Hotarunicus Coma Berenices Gives people new hairstyles.
Disguising Tsubaki as a hairdresser to give girls new look.
17 Floral Princess Gown Shining Hotarunicus Monoceros Equips a drill that resembles a unicorn horn to the user's arm.
Disguising Tsubaki as a princess for prom bell or fairy tales plays.
18 Hazel Brown Karate Split Mushroom Grus Enables user to do crane fighting style.
Disguising Tsubaki as a karate fighter to improve her fighting styles for upcoming battle.
19 Sunflower Musician Split Mushroom Lyra Creates a music's strings that tied the enemies' bodies.
Disguising Tsubaki as a musician to play many of musical instruments.
20 Navy Blue Sailor Shiny Tigerd Pisces Produces a baits to catch the large fish; useful for preparing seafood cuisines.
Disguising Tsubaki as a sailor to sail on the boat, yacht or cruise ship.
21 Milky Rose Bus Attendant Shiny Tigerd Pyxis Projects a holographic map to whatever the user is searching for- it needs to be recharged in between uses.
Disguising Tsubaki as a bus attendant to get aboard the tourist bus.
22 Silver Moon Ninja Crescent Grizzly Chameleon Enables user to change the camouflage color according to the environment to hide from enemies.
Disguising Tsubaki as a ninja in order to escape, searching operations and/or spy operations.
23 Lemon Fresh Mascot Crescent Grizzly Ursa Major Allows RyuseiOh to gain the power of arms to execute Ursa Burst Punch.
Disguising Tsubaki as a bear mascot for reality television show.
24 Water Lilly Mermaid Commander Yammark Delphinus Turns the user's lower body into mermaid's tail that allowed to dive without need of oxygen or breathing.
Disguising Tsubaki as a mermaid to shows off her Synchronized Swimming for everyone.
25 Pink Pansy Reporter Commander Yammark Scutum Generates an energy shield to protect the user from incoming attacks.
Disguising Tsubaki as a reporter to interview someone.
26 Blue Coral Swimmer Metal Shark Player Volans Allows the user to swim rapidly.
Disguising Tsubaki as a scuba diver in order to swim under the sea.
27 Star Anise Cafe-Maid Launcher Octopuld Lepus Greatly enhances the user's jumping ability.
Disguising Tsubaki as a cafe maid to help Chris at Morning Star Cafe.
28 Saffron Bloom Painter Rainy Turtloid Norma Materializes a special ruler and chalk that can be used to send a devastating attack at the enemy.
Disguising Tsubaki as a painter to make a finest art to cheer up Nagisa.
29 Mint Cream Medic Rainy Turtloid Indus Allows the user to sense of dangers draws the enemy near.
Disguising Tsubaki as a medic for the first aid.
30 Shocking Green Soldier Shieldner Sheldon Lacerta Enables the user to climb on any vertical surface.
Disguising Tsubaki as a soldier to stop any enemies from harming people.
31 Exotic-Colored Hiking Shieldner Sheldon Apus Allows the user to move instantly from one place to another.
Disguising Tsubaki as a hiking girl for mountain hiking.
32 Violet Dog Breeder Ground Scaravich Canis Minor Makes the target act like an affectionate puppy.
Disguising Tsubaki as a dog breeder to cure Daisuke's allergic reactions.
33 Tiger Lily Presenter Ground Scaravich Lynx Enables the user to do cat fighting style.
Disguising Tsubaki as a presenter to host the television program.
34 Sky Feather Bridemaid Infinity Mijinion Columba Makes doves appear.
Disguising Tsubaki as a bridemaid to attend the wedding ceremony.
35 Hibiscus Spa Massager Infinity Mijinion Equuleus Enable the user to do horse fighting style.
Disguising Tsubaki as a spa massager.
36 Blue Lily Waitress Blizzard Wolfang Lupus Enable the user to do wolf fighting style.
Disguising Tsubaki as a waitress.
37 Sweet Pink Magical Girl Blaze Heatnix Phoenix Creating the dome of flame to absorb fire-elemental attacks or using for torch or camping.
Disguising Tsubaki as a magical girl-type character.
38 Amorous Musk Planner Fistleo the Pretadoroid Perseus Increasing weapon skills by imposing with Perseus's blade.
Disguising Tsubaki as a party planner.
39 Fireworks Yukata Flammole the Moleroid Leo Gaining the user's power to increase special skill's powers.
Disguising Tsubaki as girl in yukata for summer festival.
40 Electric Pink Rollblade Chronophos the Tridenroid Capricorn Allowing the user to records a video message for later reproduction.
Disguising Tsubaki as roller skating girl to escape from the DeviPunk army.
41 Pastel Pink Babysitter Purprill the Mandroid Cancer Generating an energy pincer claw on the user's hand.
Disguising Tsubaki as the babysitter.
42 Tropical Blue Hola Girl Deerburn the Gazeroid Ursa Minor Creating the teddy bear toy for children to play with.
Disguising Tsubaki as the hola girl.
43 Elegant Pure Flower Cocktail Lurerre the Abysroid Virgo Increases the user's feminine qualities. If the user is male, it disguises them as a female.
Disguising Tsubaki as prom queen to attend the NagareFeata Prom Ball.
44 Mint Green Doctor Argoyle the Shisaroid Gemini Creates duplicates of the user or anyone the user shoots.
Disguising Tsubaki as the doctor to give anyone a treatment.
45 Violet Camilla Teacher Ugoyle the Shisaroid Octans Materializes an octant tool.
Disguising Tsubaki as the teacher to get Daisuke into the help for Math exam.
46 Milky Spectrum Poet Kaisemine the Wasproid Aquarius Fires a stream of water.
Disguising Tsubaki as the poet to perform the ritual in order to awekening the true power of the Holy Tablet.
47 Warm Gold Cello Optic Sunfloward Corona Australis Allowing to materializes a sun crown.
Disguising Tsubaki as a celloist to perform the live orchastra.
48 Cold Silver Photographer Optic Sunfloward Corona Borealis Allowing to materializes a silver scepter.
Disguising Tsubaki as a photographer to give the models a photoshot session.
49 Milky Mint Maiko Wind Karasting Corvus Allowing to trap the target in a world of despair created by the card.
Disguising Tsubaki as a maiko to attract the men's attention.
50 Cinnamon Brown Patisserie Bamboo Pandemonium Mensa Fires a shield made of mountain to protect themselves from enemy's attack.
Disguising Tsubaki as a Patisserie to baking the desserts.
51 Princess Coral Swimmer Splash Warfly Piscis Austrinus Enhances the user swiming abilities and even can dive without losing oxygen.
Disguising Tsubaki as a lifesaver to save children from drowning.
52 Stunned Halloween Witch Vanishing Gungaroon Circinus Materializes a chalkboard compass.
Disguising Tsubaki as a witch to attend the Halloween costume party.
53 Shadow Lady Biker Darkneid Kamakil Auriga Turns the transformation device into a motorcycle for the user.
Disguising Tsubaki as a biker to escape the DeviShip.
54 Scarlet Rose Firefighter Burn Kokekokker Camelopardalis Elongates the user's neck.
Disguising Tsubaki as a firefighter.
55 Jungle Green Zoologist Soldier Stonekong Aquila Generates the eagle wings on Ryusei Violet's back, allowing them to fly.
Disguising Tsubaki as a zoologist.
56 Cinnamon Brown Chef Soldier Stonekong Centaurus Allows RyuseiBlack to unleash the strongest punch on enemies.
Disguising Tsubaki as a chef.
57 Silver Satin Designer Soldier Stonekong Sagitta Materializes baseball clothing and equipment. Also, allows RyuseiGreen to fire the raining arrow of roses.
Disguising Tsubaki as a fashion designer.
58 Fuchsia Velvet Journalist Gigabolt Dokragen Cassiopeia Materializes a rainbow bomb. Also, allows RyuseiYellow to create the fog of colorful sparkles.
Disguising Tsubaki as a journalist.
59 Marine Cyan Socialist Gigabolt Dokragen Eridanus Generates a stream of water that allowing RyuseiBlue to reveals the target's true identity.
Disguising Tsubaki as a socialist.
60 Scarlet Blossom Geisha Gigabolt Dokragen Reticulum Allows RyuseiRed to unleash the stream of blaze, trapped the target in fire.
Disguising Tsubaki as a geisha.
61 Shimmering Santa Girl Cybernet Kujacker Hydrus Enables RyuseiSol to use the snake fighting style.
Disguising Tsubaki as the Santa Girl to bring the Christmas joys for everyone.
62 Minty Rose Tea Director Cybernet Kujacker Crater Materializes several drinking glasses. Also, allowing RyuseiLuna to shoot the crescent moon boomerang
Disguising Tsubaki as the director to shot the fantasy romantic drama "The Nutcracker".
63 Sugar Plum Folk Singer Cybernet Kujacker Telescopium Projects a homing scope for the user to shoot at long distances
Disguising Tsubaki as the folk singer to give her a skilled in singing.


Princess Ribbon

  • Princess Gladiator Coord
  • Princess Karate Coord
  • Princess Violin Coord
  • Princess Anemone Coord
  • Princess Macaron Coord
  • Hot Pink Princess Coord
  • Pink Rose Princess Coord
  • Princess Donut Coord
  • Taurus Princess Coord
  • Princess Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Princess Coord
  • Princess Mermaid Coord
  • Star Princess Coord
  • Prima Princess Coord

Sichuan Charming

  • Dragon Gladiator Coord
  • Dragon Kungfu Coord
  • Dragon Lute Coord
  • Dragon Flyfish Coord
  • Dragon Black Cake Coord
  • Scarlet Dragon Coord
  • Daisy Red Dragon Coord
  • Dragon Beast Coord
  • Dragon Aries Coord
  • Dragon Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Dragon Coord
  • Dragon Tropical Coord
  • Dragon Prince Coord
  • Prima Dragon Coord

Serendipity Sailor

  • Sailor Gladiator Coord
  • Sailor Kickboxing Coord
  • Sailor Flute Coord
  • Sailor Orca Coord
  • Sailor Tart Coord
  • Cyan Sailor Coord
  • Morning Glory Sailor Coord
  • Sailor Dolphin Coord
  • Sailor Virgo Coord
  • Sailor Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Sailor Coord
  • Sailor Resort Coord
  • Sailor Noble Coord
  • Prima Sailor Coord

Glitter de Peace

  • Shining Gladiator Coord
  • Shining Capoeira Coord
  • Shining Trombone Coord
  • Shining Pearl Coord
  • Shining Castella Coord
  • Golden Sun Shining Coord
  • Calendula Shining Coord
  • Shining Chick Coord
  • Shining Libra Coord
  • Shining Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Shining Coord
  • Shining Sandcastle Coord
  • Shining Knight Coord
  • Prima Shining Coord

Spice Galaxy

  • Papillon Gladiator Coord
  • Papillon Taekwondo Coord
  • Papillon Piano Coord
  • Papillon Urchin Coord
  • Papillon Chocolate Coord
  • Purple Papillon Coord
  • Violet Papillon Coord
  • Papillon Bunny Coord
  • Papillon Aquarius Coord
  • Papillon Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Papillon Coord
  • Papillon Beach Volly Coord
  • Papillon Cowherd Coord
  • Prima Papillon Coord

Octagon Onyx

  • Clockworks Gladiator Coord
  • Clockworks Sambo Coord
  • Clockworks Cello Coord
  • Clockworks Crab Coord
  • Clockworks Cinnamon Coord
  • Ebony Clockworks Coord
  • Snowdrop Clockworks Coord
  • Clockworks Bear Coord
  • Clockworks Capricorn Coord
  • Clockworks Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Clockworks Coord
  • Clockworks Barbecue Coord
  • Clockworks Servant Coord
  • Prima Clockworkds Coord

Le Fleuriste

  • Rose Gladiator Coord
  • Rose Aikido Coord
  • Rose Clarinet Coord
  • Rose Seaweed Coord
  • Rose Anmitsu Coord
  • Neon Green Rose Coord
  • Narcissus Rose Coord
  • Rose Cat Coord
  • Rose Sagittarius Coord
  • Rose Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Rose Coord
  • Rose Palm Coord
  • Rose Advisor Coord
  • Prima Rose Coord

Solaris Sangria

  • Solar Gladiator Coord
  • Solar Tai-Chi Coord
  • Solar Trumpet Coord
  • Solar Starfish Coord
  • Solar Raindrop Coord
  • Golden Solar Coord
  • Daffodil Solar Coord
  • Solar Dog Coord
  • Solar Leo Coord
  • Solar Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Solar Coord
  • Solar Sunbath Coord
  • Solar Musician Coord
  • Prima Solar Coord

Eastern Lunar

  • Lunar Gladiator Coord
  • Lunar Ninja Coord
  • Lunar Tuba Coord
  • Lunar Seahorse Coord
  • Lunar Frozen Coord
  • Silver Lunar Coord
  • Larkspur Lunar Coord
  • Lunar Hedgehog Coord
  • Lunar Cancer Coord
  • Lunar Yukata Coord
  • Babysitting Lunar Coord
  • Lunar Beach Romance Coord
  • Lunar Poet Coord
  • Prima Lunar Coord


  • These are the first card-like items that can be used with the transformation item, being similar to HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! and Aikatsu! series.
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