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SPICE-Chord Unit
Background Information
Origin Japan
Genres Indie music, J-pop music, J-rock music
Years active 2019–present
Labels Media Armada
Associated acts Alulu-can
Zizz Studio
Members Katsuo (vocal)
Mikado (vocal and guitarist)

Spice Chord (スパイスコード Supaisu Kōdo?)(also stylized as SPICE✰Chord) is a fanon indie unit from Media Armada. Consists of Katsuo (vocal) and Mikado (vocal and guitarist). Debuted in 2019, it will major debut in performing Monarch Papillon ED "Yume no yō na Basho" (夢のような場所 Dreamy Place?)", Fist of the Century 2: Battle History OP "Kross-Burner", Dinosaur Knight BraveGod OP "Go! BraveGod!", and Shopping Arcades -BEST SALE EVER!!- OP-ED for anime "Sweet Rainbow Girl -Suteki na Ākēdo-" (Sweet Rainbow Girl -素敵なアーケード- Sweet Rainbow Girl -Lovely Arcade-?) / "Kimi ga Boku wo Eien ni Aisuru Tsukuru Made" (君が僕を永遠に愛する作るまで Until You Make Me Love Forever?). They counts VERTUEUX, Rhapsody Of Fire, Iron Maiden, and Joe Elliott among their musical influences.



  • The name of unit may be a reference to same name of Tsubasa Kisaragi's favorite brand from Aikatsu Stars!


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