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Royal Crown (ロイヤルクラウン?) is a Passion-type brand featured in Luminous Live. It is also Kurt and Grant's favorite brand. This concept of the brand inspired by royalty-like fashion to fits the passionate idols, combined with flowers and hearts that fills so romantically for noblemen. Its main user is Kurt Katagiri. The top designer is HIMEKO. Its special appeal is Royalty Majesty.


Known Users

  • Kurt Katagiri
  • Grant Goldgate

Known Coords

  • Royal Flame Coord
  • Carnation Prince Coord
  • King of Roses Coord
  • Gentle Guard Coord
  • Army of Hearts Coord
  • Bravery Prince Coord
  • Floral Castle Coord
  • Rosebud Knight Coord
  • Sleeping Noble Coord
  • Crimson Waterlily Coord
  • Royal Orange Seraph Coord
  • Royal Pink Seraph Coord


  • The brand's mascot is Prince Percival
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Perfect Queen from Aikatsu Star!
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