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Romantic Prince (ロマンチックプリンス?) is a Passion-type brand featured in Luminous Live. It is Makoto and Tetsuharu's preferred brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by prince-charming and fairy tales. Its main user is Makoto Todoroki. The top designer is Madoka Aiuchi. Its special appeal is Happily Ever After.


Known Users

  • Makoto Todoroki
  • Tetsuharu Washio

Known Coords

Data Carddass LumiLive Cards

  • Snow Prince Coord
  • Dwarf Boy Coord
  • Perfect Charm Coord
  • Cat Demon Coord
  • Mouse King Coord
  • Mighty Thor Coord
  • Sleeping Brave Coord
  • Floral Prince Coord
  • Good Manners Coord
  • Handsome Gladiator Coord
  • Sweet Noble Coord
  • Magic Knight Coord
  • Brave Lion Coord
  • Pied Piper Coord
  • White Swan Coord
  • Monkey King Coord
  • Dreamy Prince Coord
  • Charming Hero Coord
  • British Beauty Coord
  • Jungle King Coord
  • Mirror Noble Coord
  • Romancing Britain Coord
  • Peter Pan Coord
  • Snow Lover Coord
  • Romantic Red Seraph Coord
  • Romantic Blue Seraph Coord
  • Galaxy Love Prince Coord

Holiday Limited Edition

  • King Father Coord (2017)
  • Prince Cowherd Coord (2017)
  • Summer Royal Coord (2017)
  • Romance Firework Coord (2017)
  • Halloween Prince Coord (2017)
  • King Christmas Coord (2017)
  • Fatherhood Night Coord (2018)
  • Milky Knight Coord (2018)
  • Beach Romance Coord (2018)
  • Yutaka Empire Coord (2018)
  • Pumpkin Banquet Coord (2018)
  • Santa Hero Coord (2018)


  • The brand's mascot is Sir Kira-a-Lot.
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Dreamy Crown from Aikatsu!
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