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Rinsho Gamo
蒲生 林昇
Gamou Rinshō
AnimeGladiator of Field AceStriker
24 (AceStriker49 and AceStrikerOVA)
Home PlaceSeien Town
BirthdayJune 12
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorDark gray with silver streaks
Eye ColorGold
Blood TypeB
Soccer player
Idol and lead vocalist of COSMO Monoceros
RelativesUnnamed parents
Tomo Tozawa (wife)
Rinta Gamo (son)
Alter EgoSilver Striker
Theme ColorSilver
SeiyuuArthur Lounsbery
Voice ActorIvan Jasso

Rinsho Gamo (蒲生 林昇 Gamou Rinshō?) is the one of the main characters and the sixth AceStriker in AceStriker. He is a third year student at Seien Senior High School and is the football club's captain as well as a forward, predominantly a center striker. Rinsho's alter ego is Silver Striker (シルバーストライカー Shirubā Sutoraikā?) and controls the power of Moon. His catchphrase of the series is "No one can deny!" (誰も否定できない! Dare mo hiteidekinai!?)

Personal Information


Rinsho is a handsome young man with short dark gray hair with silver streaks that the rest is long tied with clip, as well as gold eyes.

He wears a silver shirt, underneath a single-sleeved zebra white shirt with long sleeve on his right hand and leather arm warmer on his left arm tied in brown belt. He wears a dark slate gray jeans and silver-dark gray boots. He bears a golden crescent moon necklace as a symbol of the Moon.

When performing on stage, he wears a sequin silver jacket with crescent moon pin attached on his shoulder and COSMO Monoceros' symbol. He wears a midriff dark slate gray dress shirt, glittering silver pants and while boots. He wears a moon tattoo on his face and one fingerless satin glove, a silver moon necklace, a bracelet, a ring and earrings.


Rinsho fits his moniker as Ginrou: The Elegant Wolf Prince of Silver Moon. He is often seen with a relaxed and charming smile, and his countenance is cheerful but confident. Rinsho is generally elegant and kind-hearted, but has a cold temper once his patience reaches his limit. He is not afraid to dish out compliments to males and females alike, being able to flirt the girls almost effortlessly and put people at ease during conversations. It is stated that he is the main reason for COSMO Monoceros's popularity; all the other members have average popularity. However, there is a certain distance that Rinsho puts between him and other people. Despite his friendly outward appearance, it is difficult to get him to talk about himself, and he doesn't trust people easily. He conceals his true emotions under a veneer of what an ideal idol and leader should be - it is difficult to tell what he really feels about any situation.


Gamo (蒲生?) - Ga or Kaba/Kama/Gama (?) means bulrush or cat-tail[1], and Mou or Nama (?) means lively[2].

Rinsho (林昇?) - Rin or Hayashi (?) means woods or forest [3], and Shou or Noboru (?) means rising or promotion [4].

Silver Striker

"Triumphing Over the Whole New Moon! Protector of Tenderness: SilverStriker!"
新月全体を勝ち抜く! 優しさの保護者:シルバーストライカー!
Shingetsu zentai wo kachinuku! Yasashisa no hogosha: Shirubā Sutoraikā!

Silver Striker (シルバーストライカー Shirubā Sutoraikā?) is the Gladiator alter ego of Rinsho, the protector of tenderness. In order to transform, he needs the Garoular and his Cosmo Crest.

Transformation Sequence




Individual Attacks

Group Attacks




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