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Regulus Logo.png
Kabushiki-gaisha REGULUS
Type Animation studio
Industry Anime
Founded September 1, 2019
Founder Megumi Aramaki
Products Otome, Romance and Yaoi anime

The Regulus Inc. (株式会社REGULUS?) (stylized as REGULUS) is a stand-alone Japanese anime label from LittleLulu Animanga Network PlusPower focused on otome and BL anime exclusively.



  • Arcana Renaissance ~My Artist Sweetheart~
  • Aeromantic Activity Clubs
  • Marchen Divine ~Alluring Princes of Fairy Kingdom~
  • Project Cygnus Eros ~Her Love Story~
  • Floral Sweet Princess ~Welcome to Peach Garden Bakery~
  • Albatross ~Beyond the Land of the Sea~
  • Hush! of the Silence
  • What if You Had a Cat Girl in Your Dorm?
  • Secret Seduction at Labor Office
  • Magus University ~Magician Love Spell~
  • Step-Sister's Hottest Day Off
  • Terrestrial Salvation ~Artificial Boyfriends~
  • Monarch Papillon
  • Anthology of Terror LUST -The Seven Trials of Lewd Horror-
  • Shadow Sable ~Lustful Vengeance~ The Animation
  • DIY: Creative Boys



Animated Films

  • Febulosa Bellum -Final Fantasy Golden Stories- Part 1

Live-Action Films

  • A Good Student -Honest or Liar-
  • Nijuukoi ~The Double Lovers Trilogy Drama Series
    • Double Lovers Shimmer ~Shimmering Summer Love~
    • Double Lovers Glitter ~The Temptation of Snow Maiden~
    • Double Lovers Dreamer ~Problematic Spring Romance~
  • Mastodon: Terror from the Frozen Time
  • Shadow;Honey: The Pink Series