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横川 海里
Yokokawa Kairi

Kairi Yokokawa (横川 海里?), better known by the stage name RAIKI, is a fictional Japanese actor, voice actor and singer [1], and the seiyu of Arthur Cavendish from STARBOOST, Kim Taejee from Ravage User Scarlet Moon Omen, Hideaki Mukai from Iron Chef Antares Garde Manger, and Yukinari Togawa from Metal Samurai SpiralClash. RAIKI is capable to have a prince-charming tenor voice when he voicing every bishounen-type characters for otome games and/or male harem anime, or much cheerful, lighter tone voice when he voicing teenage characters, or baritone, short-tempered and/or hot-headed voice while voicing hot-blooded characters. He even has a sadistic, psychopathic voice while playing the villainous characters. He also performed in the musical adaptation of the otome game Ravage User Scarlet Moon Omen as Kim Taejee, the character he voiced in same series.



Original video animation

Original net animation

Video games

Otome games

Drama CD

Stage appearances


  • TV Anime "RyuseiRanger" "Solo-Sigma Songs Vol.2 -Izumi Aoshima/RyuseiBlue-"
  • Ravage User Scarlet Moon Omen Character Song Vol.2 ~Kim Taejee~
  • STARBOOST Character Song Vol.8 ~Noble Knights~

Voice Influences

RAIKI-san's voice acting is influenced by the voice actors KENN, Hiroshi Kamiya and/or Yu Mizushima.


  • RAIKI own his otome games reality show, Otome*YOU.


  1. RAIKI-san doesn't really exist. And even if there's a person with the same name, they are not related to this page!
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