Platonic Royalty (プラトニックロイヤリティ?) is a Celeb/Charm-type hybrid brand featured in Luminous Live. The brand's uniforms are filled with its royal motif, and gives off an exotic and sexy feel. This brand is the evolved version of Platonic King. Its sole user is Takao Utagawa. The top designer is the backing vocals and lyricist of T.R., Reiji Miyazono. Its special appeal is Masquerade Arc-En-Ciel.


Known Users

  • Takao Utagawa

Known Coords

  • Mystical Arthur Coord
  • Crescendo Camilla Coord
  • One Night Serenade Coord
  • Summer Breeze Kiss Coord
  • Sparkling Rosé Coord
  • Aquamarine Knight Coord
  • Sangria Sonata Coord
  • Amethyst Noble Coord
  • Moon Wizard Coord
  • Royalty Champagne Coord
  • Golden Autumn Knight Coord
  • Silver Autumn Prince Coord


  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Love Moonrise from Aikatsu!
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