Platonic King (プラトニックキング?) (also stylized as PLATONIC KING) is a Celeb-type brand featured in Luminous Live. This brand was created exclusively for Takao Utagawa based on his true idol in the world. This brand aims for a more mature and cosmopolitan look. It incorporates Takao's symbol of the crescent moon, glittering golden chains, and themes of royalty that represents a signature look of luxury and celebrity. The top designer for the brand is not disclosed though it was probably commissioned by Amatsuki Academy.


Known Users

  • Takao Utagawa (Formerly)

Known Coords

  • Ballroom King Coord
  • Moon Throne Coord
  • Shahriar Coord
  • Triton Aquamarine Coord
  • Monochrome King Coord
  • Summer Masquerade Coord
  • Mystic Sultan Coord
  • Merman Crown Coord


  • As of season 2, Platonic King has evolved into Platonic Royalty.
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Love Queen from Aikatsu!
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