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*Psychedelic House as '''Ryan Howard'''
*Psychedelic House as '''Ryan Howard'''
===Otome games===
===Otome games===
*[[Omega Phoenix★Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme]] as '''Teodor Mozdzierz'''
*[[Omega Phoenix Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme]] as '''Teodor Mozdzierz'''
===BL Drama CD===
===BL Drama CD===

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Osamu Nobunaga
信長 修
Nobunaga Osamu
Alias/NicknameHaruya Ouse (桜瀬 晴哉)
Nobu-sama (のぶさま)

Osamu Nobunaga (信長 修?) is a fictional Japanese voice actor [1], and the seiyu of Hikaru Nanase from Project Cygnus Technocrat animation, replacing Takashi Kondou, Teodor Mozdzierz from Omega Phoenix Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme, Ryan Howard from Psychedelic House and Gekimaru from Midnight Resurrection. He also goes by the name Haruya Ouse (桜瀬 晴哉 Ōse Haruya?) when voicing adult games, especially for otome/bl games. Osamu Nobunaga is capable to have a deep, low-pitched baritone voice for older-type characters or manly man with sexy voice for young man when voicing bishounen-type characters in otome games and boys love game. But he also has a cool-headed or snarky voice for African-American-type characters or guttural growling voice for villains/beasts characters.



Original video animationEdit

Original net animationEdit

Video gamesEdit

  • Midnight Resurrection as Gekimaru
  • Psychedelic House as Ryan Howard

Otome gamesEdit

BL Drama CDEdit

Drama CDEdit

R-18 Otome Drama CDEdit

Voice InfluencesEdit

Nobunaga-san's voice acting is influenced by the voice actors Ryouta Takeuchi, Kenta Miyake and late Kaneto Shiozawa


  1. Nobunaga-san doesn't really exist. And even if there's a person with the same name, they are not related to this page!
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