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Olivia Sudworth
Birth name Olivia Ashley Sudworth
Birth date (1989-08-20) August 20, 1989 (age 30)
Birth place Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Residence Hunt Valley, Maryland, U.S.
Nationality American-Canadian
Other names New Age Scream Queen (formerly)
Leather Lungs
The Banshee (formerly)
Occupation Actress (formerly), MoCap actress, screenwriter, spokesmodel, voice actress
Years active 2008–present (voice actress)
2010–2019 (b-movie actress)
Known for Anthology of Terror (2011-2019)
B/W/H 90, 57, 88
Parents Leonard Sudworth (father)
Jocelyn Sudworth (mother)
Relatives Oliver Sudworth (brother, also an actor)
Orlando Sudworth (brother)
Olena Sudworth (sister†)

Olivia Ashley Sudworth is a Canadian-American fictional actress, fashion model, motion capture actress, former scream queen, screenwriter and currently voice actress who works for anime series at Funimation and LittleLulu Studio English. In year 2010, she considered to be the new age scream queen due to provide her roles for a huge numbers of B-movie horror, thriller and indie survival-horror video games, most famously is Anthology of Terror and it spin-off Fairy Tales of Terror and R.L. Stine's Camp of Terror directed by her partner Josh Dillard and Tom Holland.

Following scream queens Tiffany Shepis and Linnea Quigley, she currently works at LittleLulu's Scream Bloody Murder Productions and she still has a lot of works for horror films, televisions, radio podcasts and survival-horror games. She appears as a spokesmodel on Fangoria magazine cover. In 2015, Olivia Sudworth announced the opening her own Halloween Horror Nights annual event under the name (Anthology Maze of Terror: Screaming Tales) at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida in early next Halloween. Currently Sudworth was panned at HorrorHound and member of Scream Bloody Murder Productions at year 2010.

In March 1, 2020, Sudworth has stopped horror films works briefly after her sister Olena Sudworth infected with Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). In March 25, Sudworth officially announced that her sister, Horror Let's Player and YouTube person Olena Sudworth, 26 years old, died of her infection from Novel Coronavirus and because of this, she lost her fame for horror films and her popularity to her fans, announced the abdication from her title as "scream queen". She also announced that her horror short films series (Anthology of Terror) has officially ended, and leaved horror films career to continue her voice acting works for good to pay the tribute to her sister's horror let's play YouTube person, Olena Sudworth. Her last role was in 2019 horror-thriller film, Brandon, the Notorious Peasant.

Fanon Filmography

  • Alpha-Stratus -You're Dead, Val-
  • Billy and Ronny IV: Halloween Horror Havoc
  • Billy and Ronny V: Happy ThanksKilling
  • Billy and Ronny VI: Christmas Bloodbath
  • Billy and Ronny VII: New Year's Nightmare
  • Bloodshed Christmas (short)
  • Bloody Ballroom
  • Brandon, the Notorious Peasant
  • But I'm Not a MONSTER!
  • DragoZombie: Tower of Blood
  • DragoZombie 2: Tomb of Screaming Banshee
  • DragoZombie 3: Dark Blade of Terror
  • Family...All of Mine!
  • The Fatal Vows
  • Hide and Go Shriek 2010
  • Lunacy Jumpscares (short)
  • Psycho-Skid-Row
  • Midnight Scream Sound Studio
  • Suicide Angel (short)
  • Thrill of Compulsion
  • Whoopee-Wounded Hillbillies
  • Zombie Wasps

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  • Frequently played as a teenage school student such a cheerleader, geek, school diva or girl next door.
  • Guarantees a shrill, high-pitched scream for death, fear or agony (consider to be a modern-day new age scream queen).
  • Roles in every low-budget horror films or survival-horror video games.
  • Provides her role of final girl, victim, a shrieking damsel in distress or factional b-movie actress/scream queen.
  • Slimy, curved body for nude, sex or shower scenes, mostly in pornography horror films like rape, revenge, torture and BDSM.
  • Her cup-size breast is C or D.
  • Silky, long brunette hair.
  • Sultry, husky and breathless voice.
  • Provides her voice type of genki girl, plucky girl, sweet and gentle and Yamato Nadeshiko for female characters in English-dubbed anime, as well as childlike voice for young male characters (due to being her voice similar of Japanese voice actors Ayumu Murase and Tsubasa Yonaga)


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