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Olé! Rojo (オレ! ロホ?) is a Celeb-type brand featured in Luminous Live. It is Kazuya's preferred brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by the beauty of the Andalusian lands in Spain, infusing colors of red and orange to represent freedom and passion. Its main user is Kazuya Renbutsu. The top designer is Diego Atobana. Its special appeal is Revelation Roses.


Known Users

  • Kazuya Renbutsu

Known Coords

  • Scarlet Flamenco Coord
  • Poisoned Prince Coord
  • Mandarin Ball Coord
  • Dragée Duke Coord
  • Ace of Matador Coord
  • Caballero de Sangria Coord
  • King of Hearts Coord
  • Hexagon Merman Coord
  • Elegance Lynx Coord
  • Rosa Realeza Coord


  • The brand's mascot is Matador
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Sangria Rosa from Aikatsu!
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