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New Inspector Gospel Girl's Side: Criminal Investigation Files AmorEnigma (新検査官ゴスペルGirl's Side: 犯罪捜査伍アモールエニグマ Shin Kensakan Gosuperu Gāruzu Saido: Hanzai Sōsa-Go Amōru♥Eniguma) is a mystery-puzzle style role-playing otome game, spin-off to New Inspector Gospel games franchies, based on anime television fanseries by Toho for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Playstation Portable, developed by LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. while published by Idea Factory and OtomeRomantica Team. This game setting in San Ventura and focus on main female protagonists instead of Gospel. This is the first Otome game targeted for girls market by Idea Factory under the section (Otomate).

Notice: All characters are designed by LittleLulu and belongs to Rinmaru.



Somewhere in San Ventura (based on San Francisco), a loud explosion occurred at the San Ventura 3rd and Duke Train Station, where the victims died and the injured people survives the terrible hell. The group who's behind the shadows of the death's game are The Black Joker Clan, a group of an evil masterminds behind the terrorist bombings who want to control over the city.

Gospel the 4th, who choices to become a new inspector of San Ventura Police Department, has finally agree to start a new crime scene investigation to decode the mystery and arrest suspects.

A voice mail from Gospel said: Hey! I need to talk with you about being behind the terrorist bombings. If you have experience in an investigation, you are lucky! Be careful, someone is trying to assassinate you, so you need to keep close to four trainees in order to preserve your souls. Go to several neighborhoods from right to left in order to decipher the terrorist cell and arrested The Black Joker. You have thirty nights to catch them before he could detonate another train station at that moment. It is only you to save everyone's souls, good luck. Signed by: Gospel Bristow the 4th.

San Ventura

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San Ventura is a city featured in the New Inspector Gospel Girl's Side, based on San Francisco. The San Ventura Police Department (SVPD) is the law enforcement agency that Gospel serves as an Inspector of San Ventura.

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