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Naofumi Ikemoto
池本 直文
Ikemoto Naofumi
Alias/Nickname Leon Takibi (滝美 レオン)
Naocchi (ナオチ)
Age 29
Gender Male

Naofumi Ikemoto (池本 直文?) is a fictional Japanese voice actor and singer, [1], and the seiyu of Regner Edvardsen from Omega Phoenix Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme, Katsuya Makino from Metal Samurai SpiralClash, Micky Georges from New Inspector Gospel and Edward Farrow from Verdigris Heaven Kingdom Lucid. He also goes by the name Leon Takibi (滝美 レオン Takibi Reon?) when voicing adult games, especially for otome/bl games. Naofumi Ikemoto is capable to have a hammy, sweet and kind-hearted characters or sexy, soft-spoken voice for young man when voicing bishounen-type characters in otome games and boys love game. He also has a husky, breathless voice for hot-headed characters or shrill, maniacal voice for villainous characters (like crazy madman or serial killer). Since 2015, Ikemoto has been affiliated with Kyūnyūsei, a music label by Media Armada, where he debuted as a singer with his first single album, Scramble Coaster, which is used as a second ending theme song to the anime Metal Samurai SpiralClash Bushido Burst.



  • Metal Samurai SpiralClash Bushido Burst as Katsuya Makino
  • New Inspector Gospel as Micky Georges

Original video animation

Original net animation

Video games

Otome games

  • Albatross ~Beyond the Land of the Sea~ as Akito Samejima (as Leon Takibi)
  • Omega Phoenix★Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme as Regner Edvardsen
  • Verdigris Heaven Kingdom Lucid as Edward Farrow

BL Drama CD

Drama CD

R-18 Otome Drama CD


Voice Influences

Ikemoto-san's voice acting is influenced by the voice actors Daisuke Kishio, Kousuke Okano and Isshin Chiba.


  1. Ikemoto-san doesn't really exist. And even if there's a person with the same name, they are not related to this page!