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Mega-Sailor-Fantasy All Stars 5 Resurrection ~ Nightmare Punishment! Dark Mercury's Vengeance (ロック・セーラー・ファンタジーオールスターズ5リザレクション〜ナイトメアお仕置き!ダークマーキュリーの復讐 Rokku Sērā Fantajī Ōru Sutāzu 5 Rizarekushon 〜 Naitomea Oshioki! Dāku Mākyurī no Fukushū?) is an action-platform style role-playing video game based on crossover anime fanseries for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Android/iOS, developed by LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc and and published by Capcom and Square Enix. This is the fifth of six games series franchises made of RPG Maker VX Ace, and this story setting after Zero's heroic sacrifice and Ami's disappearance.




After Zero's heroic sacrifice and Belmont's fall, the Seven Great Mavericks were resurrected by the most powerful Shadow Overlord Dispharse in order for revenge against MSF. Now, with Ami Mizuno has turned against Sailor Moon under the control of Gate, Dr. Eggman is back for revenge by joining Gate and High Max, alongside Nightmare Investigators that Dispharse will makes Ami an evil leader of Nightmare, Dark Mercury. With ultimate project IZANAMI is yet to be finished, Dark Mercury threats to destroy the entire universe. With Shogo and Minerva joined together, it is up to the MSF team to stop Gate and Dark Mercury's madness, and to learns about the true mastermind behind the Seven Great Mavericks.


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