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Mega-Sailor-Fantasy All Stars 2 Revolution ~ Rise of the New Generation, Lumine (ロック・セーラー・ファンタジーオールスターズ2レボリューション ~ 新世代の上昇ルミネ Rokku Sērā Fantajī Ōru Sutāzu 2 Reboryūshon ~ Shin Sedai no Jōshō Rumine?) is an action-platform style role-playing video game based on crossover anime fanseries for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, developed by LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc and and published by Capcom and Square Enix. This is the second of six games series franchises made of RPG Maker VX Ace, and it's sequel to Mega-Sailor-Fantasy All Stars Rebirth.


Same as first game, but add a new system like cooking from Makoto Kino's kitchen that gives you an effects, learning some new skill from the bosses through buying from Learn Skill using M (Metals).


It's been 3 weeks since the resurrection of mavericks has defeated. But then, the life-drained monsters terrorized the Earth. The evil mistress declare the war against them by resurrecting 10 mavericks alongside Sigma and Erebus to takes over. The two heroes Russel and Penelope are send to investigate. Meanwhile, Chibiusa embark her journey to find and saves the mysterious girl who know too much about her true persona as Small Lady. However, something sinister that is yet to come...

Game Summary: 3 weeks has been passed since the resurrection of mavericks has defeated.

Klein, the avatar of Major Arcana Foundation Libre was behind the resurrection and making friends goes evils against them has been grown so strong, thanks to duchess Lira's virus.

Lira has building Mother Virus to creating more powerful virus with a help of her allies and a resurrected mavericks.

She send Klein to spy on Coco, Ryu and Iori to captures and brainwashing them to make them evils.

With a help of two fighters, our heroes MSF were send out to stop Lira from taking over the world and rescuing Klein.

But, only find out that Klein's true identity was a maverick who building a foundation over the moon surface where he's putting in the call and makes people goes berserk.

However, the MSF has no choice but to enter the great battle with both them.

Klein and Lira are finally defeated and the earth has been saved. The moon has restored at last to leave the Moon Kingdom ruined as well.

No matter how two amateurs were so stronger than Klein and Lira though?, the team amazed.

Two amateurs paid farewell to MSF and returns to their home to rebuild their new lives.

3 weeks has passed since the events of mavericks war was over, and yet there is still more trouble is waiting for our heroes to face the new enemy...

Behold, the new generation has risen once again to wreak havoc on Earth.


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