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==Video games==
==Video games==
*Time-Traveling Maiden -Boyfriends of the Million Century-
*[[Time-Traveling Maiden -Boyfriends of the Million Century-]]
==Drama CDs==
==Drama CDs==

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Media Armada
Kabushiki gaisha Media Arumada
Media Armada Logo
TypeMusic publisher
IndustryJapanese music
FoundedSeptember 14, 2000 (18 years)
HeadquartersSumida, Tokyo, Japan
Key peopleLittleLulu
ParentLittleLulu Studio
SubsidiariesMilky Étoile Armada
NeighborsAvex Group
Johnny & Associates
Inti Creates
King Records
Pony Canyon
Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Sacra Music
Victor Entertainment
Warner Music Japan

Media Armada Co., Ltd. (株式会社メディアアルマダ Kabushiki gaisha Media Arumada?) is a fictional Japanese company that specializes as a music publisher label for Japanese musicians, drama cds, anime soundtracks and video game soundtracks. It was established on September 14, 2000, and it was bought later by, and became subsidized into LittleLulu Studio, an animation subsidiary of LittleLulu Project.

A subsection of Media Armada develops R-18 drama CDs and otome/BL games, under the name of Milky Étoile Armada.


Lantis is composed of four labels:

  • Armada (main label)
  • Kyūnyūsei (self-distributed by Eagle Talon)
  • Morning Star (distributed by King Records)
  • Vanilla Lumiere (distributed by Pony Canyon)




Morning Star

Vanilla Lumiere


Video games

Drama CDs

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