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Horror in the Summer Resort!
Beautiful Idol Project Luminous Live episode 61
"Hisho-Chi de Kyōfu!"
Air date July 28, 2019
Episode Guide
Opening All Boys × One Girl ~Lumina✿Star★Boom~
Insert Song Hey you, pretty girl!!
Ending La La Angel♪Kiss me already
Directed by LittileLulu
Written by LittileLulu

Horror in the Summer Resort! (避暑地で恐怖! Hisho-Chi de Kyōfu!?) is the 61th episode and the 9th episode of its season three of Luminous Live anime series. The 9th episode of its "Arc C: Luminous Dream Stars Cup" saga.


"It's finally summer vacation and as an arrangement made by Headmaster Mantarou, everyone is excited to be celebrating together. However, Momoka worries as everyone will be celebrating on a deserted resort. While enjoying the beautiful sea and blue sky during their time there, the boys encounter the "Chupawombat of the Deserted Island"...!?"


After Mantarou gives Momoka and the others a day off for summer vacation, Makoto and Kenta arranges for them to spend a day on an island resort, which turns out to be the same resort where Momoka faced her hellish boot camp. While camping out under a squall, Natsuko shares a rumor about a mysterious ape man "Chupawombat", which Momoka and the boys start to believe after both Kenta and the boat go missing somewhere. As Momoka and the others go on a search for Kenta, finding several of his items along the way, they eventually find a group of monkeys who had rummaged their luggage. Kenta safely returns afterwards, having taken the boat to retrieve a beach ball Momoka had left behind. Makoto is very happy about this, but Momoka asks that Kenta tells the group about what happened; considering he vanished the way he did. With that, the group start their game of beach volleyball, then they bury Makoto and Kenta in sand, swim, have barbecue, and finished the day by enjoying shaved ice. They share a cheer while watching the sun set in the distance.

Character Appearances





  • Makoto Todoroki
  • Kenta Shingetsu
  • Mantarou Kashuko


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