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Idol's Hot Summer Dating!
Beautiful Idol Project Luminous Live episode 33
"Aidoru no Atsui Natsu Dēto!"
Air date July 15, 2018
Episode Guide
Opening Luminous Romance ~Sweet♥Heart~
Insert Song Radiant Shine
Ending Gorgeous First Kiss
Directed by LittileLulu
Written by LittileLulu

Idol's Hot Summer Dating! (アイドルの熱い夏デート! Aidoru no Atsui Natsu Dēto!?) is the 33th episode and the 7th episode of its season two of the Luminous Live anime series. The 7th episode of its "Arc B: Starlight Luminous Cup" saga.


"The summer tour performance of boys band is set to occur the following day and the boys decide to hold a small party on the beach for Yurina while they recall some fond memories. But while this goes on Yurina is too distracted thinking about the future of Luminous Festa."


On the night before the Luminous Festa two months, and the boys decide to takes Yurina for the group dating at the beach, taking pictures to use in their summer holiday. Later that night, Shouta and Tetsuharu, still in deep thought about what Takao told Yurina, come across Makoto, who reveals Takao's goal to surpass Armstrong. Afterwards the boys prepare to leave for home as the fans see them off. While riding the bus the boys are very quiet and are feeling down now that dating is over. After seeing how sad Shouta is, Makoto even tells him that he can come and visit Ferry whenever he wants. Yurina then tells the other boys that even that Luminous Festa is coming soon, they will all still be doing together. They agree to this all begin to perk right up. Yurina then claims to have her answer and Takao asks to hear of Yurina's answer. She claims that while she doesn't know what her future holds, she plans to surpass Star*Feathers. This shocks everyone, but Takao is not surprised by this. Instead he claims that Yurina will soon stand on stage with them again, which confuses both Shouta and Tetsuharu.

Character Appearances




Santa Fe Helios



  • Momoka Hanamori
  • Asuna Ichijo
  • Saya Kuroda
  • Brandon


  • In one scene of the beach party, George's bindi isn't present.
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