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Sparkling Summer Paradise!!
Beautiful Idol Project Luminous Live episode 8
"Kagayaku Natsu no Rakuen!!"
Air date July 23, 2017
Episode Guide
Opening Lovely Sensation - Luminous Live
Insert Song Shining🔆Sunshine🌠
Ending Tell Me That You Love Me
Written by LittileLulu
Sparkling Summer Paradise!! (輝く夏の楽園!! Kagayaku Natsu no Rakuen!!?) is the 8th episode of the Luminous Live anime series and the 8th episode of its "Arc A: Twinkle Luminous Cup" saga.


"Mantarou decides to give the members of Star✩Feather and HEAVEN MOON a day off by renting out part of a water park! Meanwhile, Yurina discovers the Luminous Agency after getting lost. The mysterious idol Youhei Akatsuma who resides in that studio is later revealed to be member of HEAVEN MOON and Hotaru's rival; and with an upcoming annual audition, Hotaru is determined to beat him!"

Plot Summary

Mantarou decides to give the members of Star*Feather and HEAVEN MOON a day off by renting out part of a water park. As the gang slowly assemble, Hotaru gets delayed due to some sudden work.

Meanwhile, as Yurina gets lost while shooting a vlog, she discovers an underground studio where the mysterious idol is in training. Later, it is revealed Hotaru is to participate in a Thrilling Student Audition against Youhei Akatsuma, who he has never been able to beat before. As Yurina and Asuna discover the Luminous Agency again later that day, they find Youhei is the one using it to rehearse for his web concerts.

To lighten up the mood, Asuna suggests they have a water sports contest, which soon draws a crowd. Having been called by Yurina several times, Hiroshi decides to get Makoto and Hotaru to the water park as quickly as possible so he can share another memory with them. As Yurina and the boys visit Hotaru's room, they learn about how he was given some rare cards from a brand designer he admired.

As Hotaru and Youhei compete together in the final audition, they end up reaching a tie, deciding to settle the score another time. Noticing the loud crowd they have gathered, the gang decide to secretly put on a song for them. After the park closes, Hotaru and Youhei manages to convince Hiroshi to let the boys stay longer so they can play with Yurina.

Afterwards, Hotaru decides to help Yurina writing a new lyrics for a special band audition.

Character Appearances





  • Asuna Ichijo
  • Ted Arisawa
  • Hiroshi Hojo
  • Daiki Kasuga
  • Mantarou Kashuko

Major Events

  • This is the first appearance of Youhei Akatsuma, a guitarist of HEAVEN MOON.
  • This is the first appearance of Spicy Dynamite's cards.
  • This episode marks the first cameo appearance of Daiki Kasuga.


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