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Love Amulet Item

A simple Love Amulet

The Love Amulet (愛護符 Aigofu?) are small, magical talisman used in various Gladiator movie series to give the Gladiator heroines special powers or revive their strength through the true kiss from her true love. While not used by the Gladiators themselves in pinches, these magical heart-shaped amulet-like items are used by their partners as well as civilians and has different designs that varies from movie to movie.

Known Love Amulets

So far, there are 15 Love Amulet designs introduced, each debuting in several Gladiator Movies since Gladiator of Field AceStriker. They are:


  • Love Amulets are considered as the Gladiator's counterpart to Pretty Cure's Miracle Lights in which used by the fairy partners to restores Cures' strength or give it the special power.
    • Unlike Miracle Lights, the Love Amulets were used to revives the heroine's life or restore her strength through the true love kiss from the true hero and fuses their bodies into the powerful body form, much like Fusion technique from Dragon Ball Z series.
  • The Love Amulets were the only magical talismans owned by the Gladiators' allies themselves, as opposed to the Gladiators.
  • In the beginning of each Gladiator movie shown in theaters, the staff gives the female audience the Love Amulets to interact in the very scene they need to cheer onto the Gladiators.
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