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LittleLulu no Taka Katsudo-Bo (リトルルルの鷹活動棒 Ritorururu no taka katsudō bō?, lit.: LittleLulu's Falcon Activities Club) or LittleLulu's Falcon Club is a fanfiction page created by Little Lulu. This page has the fan works based on anime/video games/cartoon/films/tv/music that may contain crossover fanfiction, original fanfiction, horror fanfiction, romance fanfiction and more. Any of fiction that unsuitable for readers under 18, please read this before reading. Can be found in my webpages: Fanfiction.Net and Archive of Our Own.

List of Fanfiction Works

Original Fanfictions

  • Beautiful Nightmare: Thrilling Adventure (T for teen, Horror/Poet/Romance)

Crossover Fanfictions

  • Moonfleed King (based on The Lion King)
  • Moonfleed King 2: Duke Fleed's Pride (based on Simba's Pride)

Fanfictions Based on Original Works

  • Unwelcomed Stranger: Lara Croft's Halloween Special (based on Tomb Raider games series)

R18 Fanfictions (as AraMeko)

WARNING: This article contains content that may be unsuitable for younger viewers and is Not Safe for Work. The readers discretion is strongly advised and must be 18+ years of age to read it carefully. Or go back to St. Louis where you belong!!

  • Art of Dream: Coloring Me Love (R18, challenge, prompt)
  • Golden Royal Christmas Romance Prompts Honeycember 2021 (R18, softcore, challenge, prompt. Based on Final Fantasy Golden Stories)


  • Also worked for R18 fanfictions under the name AraMeko (あらめこ Arameko?), a short alias for Megumi Aramaki.