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LittleLulu Project Studio Fanon Wikia
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LittleLulu Studio
LittleLulu Studio Logo Japanese.png
Ritorururu Sutajio
Type Animation studio
Industry Japanese animation, films, video games
Founded September 7, 1992 (29 years)
Founder LittleLulu
Headquarters Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Key people LittleLulu
Subsidiaries Studio Cygnus
LittleLulu Studio Arabia
LittleLulu Studio English
Neighbors Toei Company
Toei Animation
Bandai Namco Holdings
Bandai Namco Pictures
Tatsunoko Production
TMS Entertainment

The LittleLulu Studio (リトルルルスタジオ Ritorururu Sutajio?) is a fictional animation studio in Japan. The anime they produce air on LittleLulu Animanga Channel, or other channels. It is mostly owned by LittleLulu. Besides anime, LittleLulu Studio has also known to produce several movies and television series, including crossovers with other companies.

English and Arabic LittleLulu Studio

An English and Arabic version of LittleLulu Studio has start to opening in September 7, 2002, celebrating 10 years anniversary of LittleLulu Studio establishment. An English LittleLulu Studio offering the fanseries shows in English-dubbed, located in North America and Europe and being aired on LittleLulu Animanga Network English, Viz Media, Neon Alley and FUnimation channels.

LittleLulu Studio Arabia offering the fanseries show in arabic dubbed and located in Middle East. Unlike Japanese and English LittleLulu Studios, LittleLulu Studio Arabia hiring the voice actors from Arab countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Egypt) to proven their Arabic-Language anime and being aired on LittleLulu Animanga Network Arabia, MBC3 and Spacetoon.



Character Designers


Musical Composers

  • Main Article: Media Armada (For Japanese musicians, anime soundtracks and video game soundtracks)

Voice Actors

  • Main Article: Artie Falcoonz (For fictional Japanese voice actors)
  • Main Article: Eagle Talon (For fictional and non-fictional Japanese male voice actors)

List of LittleLulu Studio's notable works


  • Golden Champion Prince Captain Yugo series (1992 - 2018)
  • Inspector Gospel Series (1999 - currently)
  • Reality Emergency Rescue Corps Impulse-240 (2000 - currently)
  • Final Fantasy Silver Star (2001)
  • Austin's Rainbow World Storybook (2001 - ???)
  • Final Fantasy Golden Stories: Concursus Mythica (2002)
  • Focus-X (2005 - 2013)
  • Iron Chef Antares Series (2007 - currently)
  • Transformers Dinosaurs Fusion Wars (2007 - 2008)
  • Final Fantasy Bronze Wars (2008)
  • Mega-Sailor-Fantasy (2011 - currently) - crossover
  • PhobiManiac (2012 - ???)
  • Cross of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos ~ Venereum Seditio Z (2015 - 2016)
  • Ace of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos 2 ~ Venereum Crystallinum Fabula X (2016 - 2017)
  • Kickdrive ~ Martial Arts Collections Prince of Fighters (2017)
  • Delicious Love Gourmet Iron Chef Sagitta (2017)
  • Beautiful Idol Project Luminous Live (2017 - 2019)
  • The Witness ~ Traitor Among Us (Ramadan 2017)
  • Project Cygnus Technocrat (with Studio Cygnus) (2018)
  • Dinosaur Knight BraveGod
  • Legendary Defenders Reiju*League
  • Dokidoki Idol Recipe THE ANIMATION
  • Space Idol Project Luminous Star (2021 - )
  • Barrage Lariat Anima Fist of the Princes (with Toei Animation)
  • Project Marchen Chevalier (with Bridge and Media Armada)
  • Virtual Olympic Game (with Sunrise Beyond)
  • Delta Mathematics Boys Academy (with Studio Bind)
  • Kaoru-san: My Bossy Aunt (based on 80s Kuwaiti drama series, Khalti Gomasha)
  • Bon Appetit✩Pretty Cure (with Toei Animation)

Original net animations

  • Yumemiru Rainbow Airline ~ Fly Around the World (Ramadan 2018)
  • Downtown Warriors Beta*Burst (co-production with Tatsunoko Production)
  • Mythical Defenses: Record of Alphamega (co-production with Bones)
  • Activity Club Boys (co-production with Brain Base)
  • Heroes of Utopia -Kiss of the GOD- (co-production with +Ultra)
  • Kitchen Primavera (co-production with Toei Animation)
  • Armory Chevalier♜Princes -Fable Romance Animation (co-production with Tezuka Productions)
  • Little Flowering Princess -Love's Nobles- (co-production with Studio Colorido)
  • FrienBrace Boys: The Making of Friendship Bracelets (with Bones and Eagle Talon, based on otome game by OtomeRomantica Team)


  • Champion of Fashion: You Will See the Future Soon... (with WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Bridge)
  • Rainbow Colors: Can You Feel The Paintbrush in Your Heart?

Video games

  • Barrage Lariat ~White Dragon Fist of Heaven Overlord~ (animated cutscenes)
  • Eden of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos-5 (animated cutscenes)
  • Gladiator of Field AceStriker: Princes of Cosmic Field (animated cutscenes)
  • Omega Phoenix★Romantica: Heroes of Tokyo 2020 Extreme (animated trailer)
  • Star of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos-4 (animated cutscenes)
  • Tales of El Glorioso ~My Beloved Romantica~ (opening/ending animated cutscenes)
  • Verdigris Heaven Kingdom Lucid (animated cutscenes)



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