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"Design, Play, Create: My Creative is My Imagine!"

– Logo Slogan

LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.
LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.png
Type Video Games
Founded May 15, 2010 (11 years ago)
Key people LittleLulu (Chairman, founder and creator)
Industry Multi-media
Graphic type 3D, Computer-generated imagery (CGI), 2D, traditional visual novel (especially cg-style anime cutscene for otome games)
Genres Action-adventure
Role-playing game
Bishoujo/Otome/BL game
Products Game-related Products
Number of employees TBA
Subsidiaries Team Mugen
Dark Dungeon
Eternal Dragonpolis
OtomeRomantica Team
OtomeRomantica Team Korea
Honey Productions
Alembic Thunderbolt
Constellation Realm*new!
Neighbors Capcom
D3 Publisher
Square Enix
Bandai Namco Entertainment
LittleLulu Studio (for anime cutscene)

LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. (株式会社リトルルルファルコンエンブレ Kabushiki-Gaisha Ritorururu Farukon Enburemu?) is a Japanese developer of video games. Falcon Emblem is best known for its fighting games, action-adventure games, puzzle games, horror games, rpg games and bishojo/otome/bl games. Currently, Falcon Emblem has made an exclusive deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment to make Japanese-exclusive Otome games, Bishoujo games and BL games, but a large amount number of Otome games were become very popular to female audience in Japan. Falcon Emblem's first rpg game under the name; Final Fantasy Silver Stars, the first Final Fantasy Eternal Dragonpolis series. A Korean version, OtomeRomantica Team Korea, was introduced as the sister and spin-off of Japanese otome games production OtomeRomantica Team, and it develops the Korean otome games. A sequel to adult game studio Honey Productions is called: Constellation Realm, and will be opened on November 2020 to join it sister production.

Fictional Staff

Team Mugen staff

Dark Dungeon staff

BrainPower staff

Eternal Dragonpolis staff

OtomeRomantica Team staff

Honey Productions/Constellation Realm staff

Alembic Thunderbolt staff

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