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LittleLulu Broadcasting Television
LLBTV Logo.png
Type Private
Industry Broadcasting
Country Worldwide
Founded August 14, 2001 (19 years)
Slogan Everything is a Fresh Start
Headquarters Worldwide
Owner LittleLulu
Key People LittleLulu
Neighboring Channels MBC
TV Asahi
TV Tokyo
Spacetoon/Space Power
Disney–ABC Television Group

The LittleLulu Broadcasting Television (branded as LLBTV) is the private free-to-air fanmade satellite broadcasting television company in the Worldwide. It was launched around the world in 2001. LLBTV provides multiple channels of information, interaction and entertainment.


LLBTV is a free-to-air worldwide news and entertainment broadcaster. It was launched in 2001 as the privately owned and independent English-Arabic-Japanese satellite TV station. LLBTV was the fanon broadcaster provides a satellite-based free-to-air 24-hour television network across the world. It has remained privately owned, managed by a group of businessmen and shareholders, owned by LittleLulu.

List of LLBTV channels

LLBTV includes 13 television channels:

  1. LittleLulu Television Network (general family entertainment via terrestrial)
  2. LittleLulu Moviegate Network (24-hour movies)
  3. LittleLulu Moviegate Omega (24-hour movies alongside Tonight Life movies every Thursday)
  4. LittleLulu Animanga Network (Japanese and American cartoon entertainment for children and adolescents between 9 and 15)
  5. LittleLulu Animanga Network PlusPower (Japanese and American cartoon entertainment for young-adult between 16 and up)
  6. LittleLulu ForWoman Network (entertainment for women around world via terrestrial)
  7. LittleLulu Superhero Network (Japanese tokusatsu drama and American superheroes series and movies)
  8. LittleLulu Dramatia Network (24-hour television drama and dubbed drama)
  9. LittleLulu Bollywood Network (24-hour Bollywood movies dubbed in Arabic by LittleLulu Studio Arabia)
  10. LittleLulu All-News Network (the 24-hour English-Arabic language news channel)
  11. LittleLulu Blossoms Network (24-hour educational programs and cartoon for preschoolers)
  12. LittleLulu Sports Network (offers 24-hours worldwide soccer matches, professional wrestling matches, athletic games and analyzing programs)
  13. LittleLulu Tonight Life Movies (offers 24-hours made-to-television movies and television specials aimed for women originally aired on this channel. A joint venture between Hallmark Movies, LittleLulu Moviegate Omega, Lifetime Movies, and Disney–ABC Television Group)
  14. LittleLulu FalcoTalon Channel (web-exclusive channel offers 24-hours horror and thriller films, television shows, reality program and shorts stories. As well as anime series targeted toward older viewers (13 and up), video games reviews, interviews with scream queens and WWE live free wrestling)
  15. LittleLulu Reminiscence Network (offers 24-hours nostalgic good-time television programs like Full House, Falcon Crest, Crystal Maze and more)
  16. LittleLulu Reminiscence Network Arabia (offers 24-hours nostalgic good-time arabic television programs like Papa Farhan, Tash Ma Tash, Buggy wa Tamtam, religious programs and more)