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The list of video games based on anime media franchies New Inspector Gospel that were done by LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc., BrainPower, Pretty Simple and Konami. An otome spin-off games were handle it by OtomeRomantica Team.

List of New Inspector Gospel video games

Anime-based games

  • New Inspector Gospel: The Video Game (2012)
  • New Inspector Gospel: Melody of the Beethoven (2013)
  • New Inspector Gospel: Blue Heaven Heist (2014)
  • New Inspector Gospel: Master of Investigation (2015)
  • New Inspector Gospel: Master of Investigation 2 ~ Eugene and Flora (2016)

Film-based games

  • New Gospel Forever: Who Goes Left Behind?! ~The Videogame~ (2011)
  • New Gospel Overturn: Threat and Betrayal ~The Videogame~ (2012)
  • New Gospel Nocturne: Phantom Regeneration ~The Videogame~ (2013)
  • New Gospel Origin in G: Deathmatch! Dark Fallen Angel ~The Videogame~ (2014)
  • New Gospel Aria of G: Dark Dust Vengeance ~The Videogame~ (2015)
  • New Gospel Quarter of G: Dark Mist Parade ~The Videogame~ (2016)


  • New Inspector Gospel ~ Puzzle Challenge for Mobile!
  • New Inspector Gospel ~ Criminal Mysteries for iSO
  • Criminal Case ~Inspector Gospel Edition~ (based on Criminal Case by Pretty Simple)
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