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The list of American live-action films adaptions of New Inspector Gospel that were done by LittleLulu Picture Entertainment, WWE Studio, Madhouse Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. Managed by LittleLulu and Vince McMahon.

List of New Inspector Gospel live-action films

  • New Gospel Forever: Who Goes Left Behind?! (2011)
  • New Gospel Overturn: Threat and Betrayal (2012)
  • New Gospel Nocturne: Phantom Regeneration (2013)
  • New Gospel Origin in G: Deathmatch! Dark Fallen Angel (2014)
  • New Gospel Aria of G: Dark Dust Vengeance (2015)
  • New Gospel Quarter of G: Dark Mist Parade (2016)
  • New Gospel Serenade of G: Dark-Red Parade (2017)
  • New Gospel Sonata of G: Dark Moon Godlike (2018)

Direct-to-video films

  • New Gospel Nowhere: Revenge of Dark Moon (2013)
  • New Gospel Encore: Prologue to the Nightmare (2014)
  • G-Zone: NEW GOSPEL UPRISING (2015)
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