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The list of American live-action films adaptions of Inspector Gospel that were done by LittleLulu Picture Entertainment, Screen Gems, Madhouse Inc. and Universal Pictures. Managed by LittleLulu and Vince McMahon.

List of New Inspector Gospel live-action films

  • Inspector Gospel: The Movie (1999)
  • Return of Inspector Gospel (2000)
  • Gospel: The Rise of Hypnos (2001)
  • Gospel 2nd Strike: Hell-sent Daughter (2002)
  • Gospel 3rd Point: Hysteria ~ Fade to Black (2003)
  • Gospel 4th Abyss: Fate No More ~ Ac's Divine Punishment (2004)
  • Gospel Final Thrill: Light Friend or Dark Foe (2005)

Direct-to video films

  • Gospel 3D Scenes: Atonement (2002)
  • Gospel Corporation (2003)
  • Gospel Corporation II Mayhem (2004)
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