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CCTL Teaser

Unlike two games, the total of cases is sixty are situated across the world, which is composed of ten continents.

List of Cases/Episodes

Exclusive (Tutorial)

Case # Country City Case Name
#0 None None The Beauty and The Beast

Europe - Rise and Fall of Anarchy

Case # Country City Case Name
#1 Flag of Great Britain England London Long to Reign Over Us
#2 Flag of Germany Germany Frankfurt Get Out of Joint
#3 Flag of France France Marseille Wrecking Ball
#4 Flag of Italy Italy Rome All Roads Lead to Rome
#5 Flag of Greece Greece Athens Don't Breathe
#6 Flag of Turkey Turkey Istanbul Worse Comes to Worst

Sahara Region - Walking Across Desert Storm

Case # Country City Case Name
#7 Flag of Morocco Morocco Casablanca When the Chip is Down
#8 Flag of Algeria Algeria El Oued Bury One's Head in the Sand
#9 Flag of Libya Libya Benghazi No Pain, No More
#10 Flag of Egypt Egypt Giza Murder in the Nile
#11 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Jeddah Tie Up Your Camel
#12 Flag of Syria Syria Idlib Inglorious Traitors

Eurasia - Map of Destiny

Case # Country City Case Name
#13 Flag of Russia Russia St. Peterburg Add Fuel to the Fire
#14 Flag of Russia Russia Moscow Red-Blooded Russian
#15 Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Beat a Dead Horse
#16 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Almaty Sweet, Sweet Lonely Dead
#17 Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ashgabat
Have No Truck With
#18 Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Kabul
Drag Me to Hell

South Asia - Devil's Advocate

Case # Country City Case Name
#19 Flag of India India New Delhi Blood, Sweat and Tears
#20 Flag of India India Mumbai Bollywood's Death
#21 Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Dhaka Upward-Facing Murder
#22 Flag of Nepal Nepal Lalitpur A Lonely Place to Die
#23 Flag of Bhutan Bhutan Punakha There's No Peace for Wicked
#24 Flag of Myanmar Myanmar Sittwe Hell At The Deep End

East Asia - An Impossible Sin

Case # Country City Case Name
#25 Flag of China China Lhasa Paddle Your Own Canoe
#26 Flag of China China Beijing Bloods in a Teapot
#27 Flag of South Korea South Korea Seoul Death Generation
#28 Flag of Japan Japan Okinawa Island Sudden Harakiri
#29 Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo The Winner Take Nothing
#30 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Keelung Catching Fire

Southeast Asia and Oceania - Hell Or High Water

Case # Country City Case Name
#31 Flag of Thailand Thailand Bangkok
High Kick of Death
#32 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Killer Instinct
#33 Flag of Singapore Singapore Singapore Die Now, Scream Later
#34 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Auckland Never Too Old to Learn
#35 Flag of Australia Australia Sydney
Royal National Park
Killing Her Softly
#36 Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Honiara
Feast for The Doom

Africa - Reap What One Sows

Case # Country City Case Name
#37 Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Toamasina Burnout Syndrome
#38 Flag of South Africa South Africa Soweto, Johannesburg
Short End of the Stick
#39 Flag of Kenya Kenya Nairobi National Park, Nairobi Beard The Lion in his Den
#40 Flag of Congo Congo Congo River
Dead in the Water
#41 Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Lagos Match Made in Hell
#42 Flag of Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro Killer on the Ropes

South America - The Immortal Sin

Case # Country City Case Name
#43 Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Bleeding Edge
#44 Flag of Chile Chile Talca Hurler on the Ditch
#45 Flag of Bolivia Bolivia La Paz Actions Speak Louder
#46 Flag of Peru Peru Machu Picchu Better Watch Out!
#47 Flag of Brazil Brazil São Paulo Suspend One's Disbelief
#48 Flag of Colombia Colombia Santa Marta The Wrath of God

North America - Bearer of Bad News

Case # Country City Case Name
#49 Flag of Mexico Mexico Ciudad Juárez Death Race
#50 Flag of United States U.S. Anchorage, Alaska Nice Guy Finish Last
#51 Flag of United States U.S. Daisywood, California Dressed to Kill
#52 Flag of United States U.S. Wichita Hill, Kansas Illegal Duty
#53 Flag of United States U.S. New York City, New York Murder With a Vengeance
#54 Flag of Canada Canada Montreal, Quebec Judge, Jury and Executioner
#55 Flag of Canada Canada St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Pride Before the Doomsday
#56 Flag of Greenland Greenland Qaanaaq Sadness Will Last Forever

Antarctica - Last Hours of Apocalypse

Case # Country City Case Name
#57 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Blood Falls Drowning Sub-Zero
#58 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station Sleeping With the Fishes
#59 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Queen Maud Land Absolute Silence as the Tomb
#60 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Silence Slayer's Hideout Under the Last Siege

Special Holiday Cases - Events

Case # Case Name Holiday Theme
#1 Haunted House of Death Halloween
#2 Thanks-Killing Thanksgiving
#3 I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus Christmas
#4 Firework's Fatality New Year's Eve
#5 Death Will Find a Way Valentine's Day
#6 Bad Luck is Dead...! Saint Patrick's Day
#7 The Great Gift of Easter is Death Easter
#8 In All of Your Living Mother's Day
#9 Sugar is No Antidote for Poison Eid al-Fitr
#10 Earthquakes, Thunderbolts, Fires, Fathers... Father's Day
#11 The Star-Spangled Murder 4th of July
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