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Here's the list of video games developed by Constellation Realm, a stand-alone eroge games subsidiary of LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.

Important Note!: Most of Bishoujo, Otome and Boys/Girls Love games were later toned down and re-released for the console and handheld platforms contain no pornographic content because LittleLulu Falcon Emblem is not allowed.

List of Honey Productions games works

Berenices Beta

Berenices Beta focused to adult games.

  • Good Morning Sunshine ~A Girl Among Garden~
  • Ho-Ho-Honey! Christmas Love Poem
  • If You Say Hello to the Moon...
  • Interspecies Intimacy -Erotic Life with Monster Girls-
  • My Pets are Secret Furry Girls
  • Project Aphrodite -Super Spicy Starmix-
  • Sexiest Ninja Girls Academy
  • Sugarcane -Sweet Sparkling Stories-
  • The Mischievous Witch Club
  • Wondrous Moon Dreamer

Pegasus OMEGA

Pegasus OMEGA focused to adult otome games.

  • DIY: Creative Boys
  • Doki Doki Year -Four Seasons Love Affair-
  • Dual-Love Sensation Seiya
  • Eau de Amour ~Love Story of Perfume~
  • Excitement Heart+Dreaming Hobbyist
  • Feathered Dreamers -Harpy Falls in Love-
  • Fluttering Paintbrush
  • General Medical Clinic ~Romantic Night Shift~
  • Lustful Summer Stream~!!
  • Muscles Paradise
  • Retro Cocktail -Fathers' Love Affair-
  • Starry Night Pastry ~Taste of Love~

Triangulum Tau

Triangulum Tau focused to yaoi (BL) games.

  • A Harasser is an Adult Voice Actor
  • Clockwork Seesaw
  • Lewdness Life with Incubus Princes
  • Misfit -Realm of the Red Phase-
  • P.S.: Merry Christmas//I Love You
  • Sinful Regard -Kneel Before Your Master-
  • Spring Shore Highway
  • Twinkle Town Tonight
  • Translucent Glass -Falling Apart-
  • Yearning Equal=Love

Gemini Gamma

Gemini Gamma focused to yuri (GL) games.

  • Butterfly Hotel
  • Dreaming Night in Lodging
  • Moe-tamorpher
  • Peach-Colored Cherry Blossom
  • Seduced Succubus
  • Way-Back Home High School

Scorpius PSI Dark

Scorpius PSI Dark focused to dark-themed eroge/visual novels.

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