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"We thought that we'll never experience anymore sacrifices and unfair deaths ever again. But, we were wrong..."

– Laura Hamelin Claudio XI

Laura Hamelin Claudio XI (ローラ・ハーメルン・クラウディオXI Rōrā Hāmerun Kuraudio XI?) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Golden Stories. She is the princess of Claudio Kingdom and is overprotective to all people around her kingdom so she could fight for herself without showing her fear of losing someone.

Laura is a strong-willed, kind and gentle young woman who fights the enemies with her colossous monsters known are Avatar her mother gives it to her before her death. Her childhood friend and soon-to-be her husband is Prince Kayes, who keeping an eyes on her, but she can only fight for herself due to begin fearless woman. Her older brother, Schneider, was now her greatest enemy after she banished him for unthinkable crime, but she still blamed herself and wishes to reunite with him since their parent passed away.

Laura special skillsets are Avatar and White Magic, Freedom allows her to summons the legendary gigantic beasts like Ifrit or Shiva to deal the massive damages to all enemies, and White Magic allows her to spells the healing and supporting magic. She wields rods and staffs as the weapons.






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  • This is one of the Final Fantasy game featuring Laura as main protagonist after Terra Branford, Celes Chere, Yuna, Lightning and Serah Farron.