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"Maybe I shouldn't have done that to her, but, hopefully, she took that as a friendship touch."

– Kayes Leonhart Claudio XII

Kayes Leonhart Claudio XII (ケイズ・レオンハート・クラウディオXII Keizu Reonhāto Kuraudio XII?) is the main deuteragonist of Final Fantasy Golden Stories. He is the crown prince of Claudio Kingdom and dream to rule as the King. He evently sets on the quest to become the fourth Holy Knight after learning from King Medgar that only the strongest knight wielded the Excalibur, in order to protect both planets Krajina and Soliania.

Kayes is the brave, hot-blooded and handsome young man with sincere heart who's very popular among girls and women, especially his childhood friend and lover Princess Laura. He can be more serious and overprotective whatever he sense the dangers and often rescue Laura from being harmed to save the time for everyone.

Kayes's special skillsets in Freefighter class are Freedom and Black Magic, Freedom allows him to harness the power to performs various offensive damaging skills, and Black Magic allows him to spell the damage-based magic.

After evolving to Holy Knight, Kayes' skillsets were replaced with Seiken and White Magic. Seiken grants his offensive damaging and defensive supporting abilities with his sword, while he has access to several White Magic spells for curative purposes. Kayes wields both swords and greatswords in battle, and wears heavy armors like Carlos and Zina.






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  • Kayes is the one of main characters were half-human hybrid, preceded by Cecil Harvey, Terra Branford and Aerith Gainsborough.
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