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Itaru Highshikawa

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Itaru Higashikawa
東川 到
Higashikawa Itaru
Anime Gladiator of Field AceStriker
Age 17-18
23 (AceStriker49 and AceStrikerOVA)
Home Place Aonomiya
Gender Male
Birthday September 9
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Hair Color Navy blue
Eye Color Dodger blue
Blood Type A+
Height 181cm
Weight 59kg
Occupation Student
soccer player
Relatives Eiji Higashikawa (uncle)
Debut AceStriker01
Alter Ego Blue Striker
Theme Color Blue
Seiyuu Koutarou Nishiyama
Voice Actor Orion Pitts

Itaru Higashikawa (東川 到 Higashikawa Itaru?) is the one of the main characters in AceStriker. Always stoic and cool-headed, Itaru is an attacking midfielder of Hamon FC with brainy demeanor that can weaken his opponents. As a student council vice-president, he is very respectful student who wears a bookworm glasses. Though he is very popular with all students, he seems to have strong determine in Ryoma's shooting abilities. He tends to make his legs move faster, as well as mastering his tackling skills. He is afraid of water or swimming, feared of being drowning since his traumatic childhood past. Itaru's alter ego is Blue Striker (ブルーストライカー Burū Sutoraikā?) and controls the power of Water. His catchphrase of the series is "If you don't train well, eat celery!" (お前はよく訓練されない場, セロリを食べる! Omae wa yoku kunren sarenai ba, serori wo taberu!?)

Personal Information


Itaru is a handsome young man with short, cropped navy blue hair with a waver fringe that hangs just above his dodger blue eyes. He also has a rather impressively sharp, cold glare.

Normally, Itaru wears blue suit, cyan shirt and brown shoes. At school, he wears tortoise shell-framed glasses, but he uses contacts when he plays football in order to run more freely. He wore full thick-rimmed glasses as well when running before high school.


Itaru is always cool-headed and stoic with brainy demeanor. He has little interest in things other than playing soccer. In middle school, Itaru was a famous soccer player in the under 15's category. He seems to have strong determine in Ryoma's shooting abilities as Hamon FC finished in a dead-heat in the friendly match against Yuusei AC. He tends to make his legs move faster, as well as mastering his tackling skills.


Higashikawa (東川?) - Higashi ( Azuma?) means east[1], and Kawa or Gawa (?) means river[2].

Itaru (?) - Itaru (?) means to reach, or to arrive [3].

Blue Striker

"Calming with Water! Warrior of Wisdom: BlueStriker!"
水で鎮静! 知恵の戦士:ブルーストライカー!
Mizu de Chinsei! Chie no Senshi: Burū Sutoraikā!

Blue Striker (ブルーストライカー Burū Sutoraikā?) is the Gladiator alter ego of Itaru, the warrior of wisdom. In order to transform, he needs the Strike Tracker and his Cosmo Crest.

Transformation Sequence


  • Cerulean Hammer (セルリアン・ハンマー?) is BlueStriker's main weapon, a two-handed hammer used to create the tidal wave out of sound wave.



Individual Attacks

  • Cerulean Aqua Spiral Cannon (セルリアンアクアスパイラルキャノン?) is Blue Striker's main attack.
  • Hammerhead Pearl Barrage (ハンマーヘッドパールバラージュ?) is Blue Striker's secondary attack.

Group Attacks




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