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Honey Productions
TypeJoint-stock company, subsidiary
IndustryVideo game
FoundedMay 2, 2014 (5 years age)
Key peopleMegumi Aramaki
Graphic types2D, traditional visual novel (especially cg-style cutscene)
GenresBL games, Dating sims, Eroge, Otome games, Visual novels
ProductsProject Cygnus ~ Romantic Plawres★Love For You
ParentLittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.
SubsidiariesCaramel Syrup
Sweet Nectar
Sugar Chalice
Black Rose Realm (new!)
Dream Pollen (new!)
SistersTeam Mugen
Dark Dungeon
Eternal Dragonpolis
OtomeRomantica Team
Alembic Thunderbolt

Honey Productions (ハニープロダクションズ Hanī Purodakushonzu?) is a Japanese adult video game studio and a subsidiary of LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. which founded in May 2, 2014. Honey Productions specializes in the development of dating sim, eroge-style Bishoujo/Otome/Boys Love (BL) games, targeted for both adult male and female audience.

There are three subsections of Honey Productions develops three genres are: Caramel Syrup develops eroge for adult men. Sweet Nectar develops otome games, and Sugar Chalice develops BL games, both of them are for adult women and/or Fujoshi. Two new subsections have been established for the new adult games are: Black Rose Realm develops eroge/visual novels with dark-themed horror and thriller genres such as cosmic horror, zombie, gothic, psychological, rape and murder, and Dream Pollen develops fanfiction eroge whether bishojo/otome/or BL based on canon/fanon films, televisions, animes, cartoons or video games.

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