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A series logo.

HoneyღFantasy Series (はにいღファンタジーシリーズ HanīღFantajī Shirīzu?) is the fantasy-themed adult game series created by Megululu-chan and published by Honey Productions. Develops and produces visual novels targeted towards a female audience with an emphasis on hi-tech fantasy settings. The series have mainly focused on otome games and BLs games in hybird of Final Fantasy/Mega Man games genres.


  • Genre(s): Action, Hack and slash, Indie, Platform game, Role-playing, Romance
  • Sub-genre(s): Otome game (Sweet Nectar), BL game (Sugar Chalice), Visual novel
  • Developer(s): Sweet Nectar, Sugar Chalice (Windows), Alembic Thunderbolt (PSV, NS, Android and iOS)
  • Publisher(s): Honey Productions (Windows, JAP), D3 Publisher and LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. (PSV, NS, Android and iOS, JAP), MangaGamer (NA)
  • Creator(s): Megululu-chan
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS
  • First release: Mythical Defenses: Record of Alphamega (July 4, 2019 "Summer")

Plot and themes

The HoneyღFantasy Series focused on the group of characters battling an evil, and sometimes ancient, antagonist that dominates the game's world. Stories frequently involve a sovereign state in rebellion, with the protagonists taking part in the rebellion. Dragon Spheres are recurring in-game items that are main key to the themes of the games' plots. Six Dragon Spheres often play a central role in the creation of the world, and a majority of the games link crystals and orbs to the planet's life force. Once gathering all spheres, the Redragor will be summoned and allowed to grant one or more wishes. The classical elements are also a recurring theme in the series related to the heroes, villains, and items. Stories in the series frequently emphasize the struggles, romances, passions, and tragedies of the characters, and the main plot often recedes into the background as the focus shifts to main characters' personal lives. It also explore romantic relationships between protagonist and the main characters, ranging from friendship to love. Having a heartwarming sex will results a happy ending, or getting raped/murdered/dismembered will results a bad ending. However, the handheld version of the games were released by D3 Publisher and LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc. without erotic content.


Sweet Nectar

  • Mythical Defenses: Record of Alphamega (神話防衛 アルファメガ戦記 Shinwa Bōei Arufamega Senki?)
  • Celestial Sword: Record of Holy Crest (天体剣 聖紋章戦記 Tentaiken Seimonshō Senki?)
  • Silence Nebula: Record of White Battle Maiden (沈黙の星雲 白戦乙女戦記 Chinmoku no Seiun Hakusen Otome Senki?)

Sugar Chalice

  • Holy Dragon Spear: Record of Metal Shield (聖竜槍 金盾戦記 Seiryūsō: Kanjun Senki?)
  • Full Moon King: Record of Supernova Sword (満月王 超新星剣戦記 Mangetsu-Ō Chōshinseiken Senki?)
  • Regret of Crimson Wings: Record of Rim Star Defense (深紅翼の後悔 周縁星防御戦記 Shinku Tsubasa no Kōkai Shūensei Bōgyo Senki?)
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