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Hifumi ver.2
Background Information
Native nameひふみ
GenresPop and Rock music
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active2017–present
LabelsMedia Armada
Associated actsGreater Than MOON and Mikoto

Hifumi (ひふみ Hifumi?) is a fanon musician, singer-songwriter from Media Armada who is very popular to the girls and women for known his singing a theme songs for female-oriented otome games, boys love games, and main male characters. Debuted in 2017, he majorly debuted in performing several otome games / BL games / reverse-harem romance anime theme songs either opening or ending songs. He is known for his tenor and smooth, passionate voice while singing a love songs in which has voice looks crooning and beautifully. He counts Bump of Chicken, Toto, Depeche Mode, and Europe among his musical influences.



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