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Hidekichi Sugano
菅野 秀吉
Sugano Hidekichi
Alias/NicknameKeito Nogamou (野蒲生 ケイト)
Sukichi (すきち)

Hidekichi Sugano (菅野 秀吉?) is a fictional Japanese voice actor [1], and the seiyu of Eiji Doijima from Olympic Guardians SpiralClash, Werlock Scholtz from Armored Champion Daigouzar Mystery, Hikari Momoi from Dokidoki Idol Recipe and Masamune Date from Jet-Black Blade ~Hundred Sengoku Love War~. He also goes by the name Keito Nogamou (野蒲生 ケイト Nogamou Keito?) when voicing adult games, especially for otome/bl games. Hidekichi Sugano is capable to have a hot-blooded and loud-mouthed voice when he voices the hot-blooded, bold or strong-willed characters, especially as protagonist. He also has a sexy or deep, baritone voice when he voicing any antagonisms characters or can used for otome and boys love games. He also worked for R-18 Otome CD and BLCD projects alongside Yuuta Takasugi at Milky Etoile Armada



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Voice Influences

Sugano-san's voice acting is influenced by the voice actors Tomokazu Seki, Nobuyuki Hiyama and Genki Okawa.


  • He is the fan of Tomokazu Seki and Nobuyuki Hiyama, the voice actors of Domon Kasshu (Seki) and Guy Shishioh (Hiyama).
  • He did a lot of R-18 Otome CD and BLCD projects one after another, Following voice actors Yuuta Takasugi and Chizuru Omura.


  1. Sugano-san doesn't really exist. And even if there's a person with the same name, they are not related to this page!
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