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"I hope so. We lost our brothers because of Schneider. I couldn't bare losing her, too."

– Fiona Luikvälja

Fiona Luikvälja (フィオナ・ルイクバハ Fiona Ruikubaha?) is the playable character in Final Fantasy Golden Stories, the Priestess of St. Carolina Church and younger twin of Zina Luikvälja. She is the kind and sweet woman who taking care of her lover, Carlos Crescent, and fear of losing her sister like she lost her brothers. She and Zina lost their older brothers by Schneider's hands, leaded to her to get revenge. At the end of the war, they reunited with their brothers, who're comes back to life once again.

Always being a cheerful young woman, Fiona possesses with the white magic to heal an allies and seems to play a harp as her weapon. She loves Carlos so much and seems are going on dating together, dreaming to marrying him one day.

Fiona's special skillsets are Praying and White Magic. Praying allows her to supports the party and using holy attacks, and White Magic allows her to spells the healing and supporting magic. Her Overdrive is Gentle Starlight.






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