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Final Fantasy Eternal Dragonpolis: Holy Sword + Golden Saints Series (ファイナルファンタジーエターナルドラゴンポリス:聖剣+金聖シリーズ Fainaru Fantajī Etānaru Doragonporisu: Seiken + Kinsei Shirīzu?) is an RPG fan-games franchise created by Square Enix and LittleLulu Falcon Emblem Inc.. The trilogy series title of this Final Fantasy fangame series is based on Akira Toriyama's world famous game called Dragon Quest (Dragon Warriors). This whole story is based on the one of the main character, Lorasia. It starts with Gilroy and his brother, Tasgall's childhood, their adventures, their adulthood, and ends with his son Ranulf as one of the main characters, with a few adventures with other heroes with them. This game is a fanmade by RPG Maker VX and VX Ace program. Not all FF series belongs to Square Enix, I have a fangame in creating before this one. There's a prequel game called "Final Fantasy Golden Stories", aka "Final Fantasy Legend of Holy Sword Gold" (ファイナルファンタジー聖剣伝説ゴールド Fainaru Fantajī Seiken Densetsu Gōrudo?) in Japan. But, I decided to go ahead and create this first of FFGS games because the first series is extremely long and will keep me a while to finish. A sequel to this series called "Final Fantasy Bronze War", aka "Final Fantasy Bronze: Paradox Legend" (ファイナルファンタジーブロンズ:パラドックス伝説 Fainaru Fantajī Buronzu: Paradokkusu Densetsu?) in Japan. Once I begin this, I'll probably won't plan to finish the prequel. Now, let the story begin.

Disclaimer: All of Final Fantasy series are belonged to Square Enix (formerly Square) and I don't own any games, anime, TV or movies.

List of Final Fantasy Eternal Dragonpolis games:

Main series

  • Final Fantasy Silver Stars (main series)
  • Final Fantasy Golden Stories (prequel series)
  • Final Fantasy Bronze War (sequel series)
  • Final Fantasy Ultimate Warriors of Light (final series)

Next Generation series

  • Final Fantasy Platinum Wings
  • Final Fantasy Shield of Crystal
  • Final Fantasy Throne of Supernova


  • Final Fantasy Silver Stars 2
  • Final Fantasy Golden Stories 2
  • SIGMA DUOS ONLINE Final Fantasy Golden Stories Eas (side series, MMORPG)
  • Final Fantasy Bronze War 2


  • Theo's Silver Wing Special ~ Final Fantasy Silver Gaiden
  • Final Fantasy Jade Empire Ace (Japanese/American)
  • The Lost Shenlong: Final Fantasy Omicron (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Dissidia Aeterna Dracopulsus Final Fantasy
  • Decennium Amissa ~Final Fantasy~
  • Angelos♡Fire Emblem: Bellator Lucidum Final Fantasy (co-project between Eternal Dragonpolis and Konami's Fire Emblem)

Angelos series (role-playing otome games)

Final Fantasy Angelos is a role-playing otome game franchise. A main series collaboration project between OtomeRomantica Team and Square Enix. FFAngelos focus on one heroine, multiple main heroes team, and an epic romance adventures around fictional world. Aria of Mana focus on one male protagonist and multiple main heroines team. The last project is Shield of Mana before moved to Team Daedalus under the series title: Mana Romance.

Main Series

  • Cross of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos (VX: 2008, ACE Remake: 2015)
  • Ace of Mana : Final Fantasy Angelos-2 (VX: 2010, ACE Remake: 2017)
  • Grenlandija Kristalintis Romantika Final Fantasy Angelos (2012 - 2014):
    • Crown of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos-3 (2012)
    • Crest of Mana OSCULA: Final Fantasy Angelos 3-II (2013)
    • Throne of Mana CORDE: Final Fantasy Angelos 3-III (2014)
  • Star of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos-4 (2016)
  • Eden of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos-5 (2018)
  • Shield of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos -Romance Revolutions- (2020)

Mana Romancera -Final Fantasy Romance Series-

Mana Romancera is a continue of role-playing otome game franchise. A main series collaboration project between D3 Publisher, LittleLulu Omega, Team Daedalus and Square Enix. FFAngelos focus on one heroine, multiple main heroes team, and an epic romance adventures around fictional world. In this series, it is featuring the episodic stories with mature-themed romance.

Main Series

  • League of Mana: Final Fantasy
  • Pulse of Mana: Final Fantasy

Side Series

  • Trail of War: Final Fantasy Angelos-Omega
  • Final Fantasy Queen Card Battle Dual
  • Aria of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos
  • DUO of Mana: Final Fanstasy Angelos Perfection

Anime based on games

  • ​Final Fantasy Silver Stars the Series
  • Final Fantasy Golden Stories: Concursus Mythica (2002) / Concursus Mythica Reformandam (2020)
    • Final Fantasy Golden Stories 2: Fabulosa Perseverare
  • Final Fantasy Bronze War: Angelum Lumine
  • Cross of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos ~ Venereum Seditio Z
  • Ace of Mana: Final Fantasy Angelos 2 ~ Venereum Crystallinum Fabula X
  • Crown of Mana: Love Wing's Quintet ~ Grenlandija Kristalintis Romantika
  • Aria of Mana: Crystalline of Heaven and Earth (spin-off of Angelos series)

Films, OVAs and Specials

  • Chronicles of Dragon Orbs ~ Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy G*S ~ I'm the Paladin
  • Final Fantasy Golden Stories ~ Claudio's Falls Inbound (OVA, bonus)
  • Dragon Spirits: Final Fantasy Silver Stars (OVA)
  • Revenge of Salazar: Final Fantasy Bronze War (OVA)
  • Golden Stories ~ The Aftermath of Holy Knight, King Medgar (OVA Special)