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"For the honor of gods, we must fight to restore our treasure."

– Eric Strago

Eric Strago, also known in Japan as Erik Stragus (エリック・ストラガス Erikku Sutoragasu?) is the playable character in Final Fantasy Golden Stories, the 14-year-old magic school student who acting like the son to his teacher and mother-figure, Duchess Julia Monterosso-Olandio. He is also the middle son of Mrs. Strago and brother of Jenny and Mimi. He has a talking black cat named Cait Sith, but he still working for duty on behave of their leader, Lord Cid.

Acting as the child, Eric is very cheerful and fun-loving teenager who playing with other kids and enjoy swimming in pool or hot spring with Julia, who's very fond of him. Although he's cute, he was a crybaby and feared of everyone's safety, so he overcome this situation to join force for good.

As a youngest member in the party, Eric's only special skillset is Blue Magic, allows him to steal the enemy's skill and used as the blue magic to learn the enemy's notable skill like Cactaur's 1000 Needles. His Overdrive is Flare Star, which only obtained from optional superboss, Epsilon.






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