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Eastern Knight (イースタンナイト?) is a Charm-type brand featured in Luminous Live. It is also Yuichi's favorite brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by Arabian nights-like fashion with moon, stars and romance that looks like an Arabian stories: Thousand and One Night. Its main user is Yuichi Kitajima. The top designer is Ruka Murasaki. Its special appeal is Arabian Nights Dreamer.


Known Users

  • Yuichi Kitajima

Known Coords

  • Arabian Prince Coord
  • Eternal Oasis Coord
  • Mystical Spellblade Coord
  • Folklore Stripes Coord
  • Arabian Knight Coord
  • Arabesque Enchant Coord
  • Ethnic Sultan Coord
  • Cyan Gene Coord
  • Bohemian Dream Coord
  • Oriental Platonic Coord


  • The brand's mascot is Gene-kun
  • This brand is considered to be male counterpart of Bohemian Sky from Aikatsu!
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