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The Delicious Love Gourmet Iron Chef Sagitta (美味しい恋愛グルメ♥アイアンシェフサギッタ Oishī Ren'ai Gurume♥Aian Shefu Sagitta?) or Iron Chef Sagitta is a Japanese cooking/idol-flavored reverse harem television fanseries created by LittleLulu and producted by LittleLulu Studio and Pierrot, marking for the 10th anniversary of Iron Chef Antares series, joining Iron Chef Antares Kaiseki. It's fanseries will pays a homage to notable cooking anime series/tv programs; Cooking Idol Ai Mai Main, Mister Ajikko, Iron Chef and Top Chef with insert songs performed by main male characters. A love story about the 16-year-old girl who spent her times in cooking and romantic relationship with six handsome men while fall in love to a pretty Iron Chef candidate Hanzo Akatsume. This is the first Iron Chef Antares series, or possibly the first time ever in the franchise to get a PG-13 due to language and brief/partial nudity. The series was simulcast by LittleLulu Animanga Network as it aired in Japan, while Funimation has released an English dub of the series, starting on May 5, 2017.


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In the climate full of love relish, a 16-year-old teenager Miharu Aikawa has finally get a scholarship to the Culinary school Amanogawa Nutrition Institute to become the one of Iron Chef candidates after her parents dies in car accident since she was young. Miharu dream to become the first female Iron Chef like her mother Hime Aikawa, But she requires accuracy and skill in food preparation so she'll be able to please everyone a taste her recipes in her confidential manner. After she meet and fall in love to a pretty Iron Chef candidate Hanzo Akatsume, Miharu joins the cooking contest program "Iron Chef Sagitta", spending her times cooking and romantic relationship with six handsome men. But the question remains: One of the six boys will be the win the title of Iron Chef and win Miharu's heart? Or will Miharu recognize her love and marries to Hanzo and remain together with boys?

""From now on, girls, with a passionate kiss and an empty stomach, I say unto you in the words of love: 'Allez cuisine!""

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Main Characters

Name Brigade
Miharu Aikawa Commis
Hanzo Akatsume Fry chef
Kousaku Aozora Fish chef
Reiji Kouson Pantry chef
Taishi Midorizuka Sauté chef
Luke Kuronuma Sushi chef
Mikuni Shiraishi Pastry chef
Satsuki Murasaki Grill chef
Iori Mikanmura Ramen chef
Jonah Rokushou Vegetable chef
Yuuta Sagawa Entrée preparer
Eisuke Kingetsu Roast chef
Tadao Ginryuu Baking chef


  • Amanogawa Nutrition Institute
  • Sagitta Kitchen Stadium
  • Silver Pansy Restaurant
  • Amaboshi Bakery



Antares X Sagitta: Iron Chef Master of Kitchen! Heartbeat Happily Ever After! (アンタレスXサジッタ:アイアンシェフ台所の達人! 幸せな心拍! Antaresu X Sajitta: Aian Shefu Daidokoro no Tatsujin! Shiawase na Shinpaku!?)- The original video animation which will be released for Iron Chef Antares Series. The OVA will be released in Japan on summer 2017 and will feature a crossover between Iron Chef Antares Kaiseki and Iron Chef Sagitta's accepted a friendly challegne as well as Miharu's recovery from heart disease and giving birth to Hanzo's healthy baby boy, Hyoga.


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Voice Actors (Japanese and English)

Character Japanese Seiyuu English Voice Actor
Miharu Aikawa Arisa Komiya Jeannie Tirado
Hanzo Akatsume Taku Yashiro Stephen Sanders
Kousaku Aozora Tetsuya Kakihara Yuri Lowenthal
Reiji Kouson Yuuto Suzuki Justin Briner
Taishi Midorizuka Koutarou Nishiyama Jean-Luc Hester
Luke Korunuma Shunsuke Takeuchi Adam Gibbs
Mikuni Shiraishi Nobuhiko Okamoto Micah Solusod
Satsuki Murasaki Wataru Hatano Clifford Chapin
Iori Mikanmura Genki Okawa Alex Organ
Jonah Rokushou Minami Takayama Aaron Dismuke
Yuuta Sagawa Toshiki Masuda Derick Snow
Eisuke Kingetsu KENN Kyle Phillips
Tadao Ginryuu Yuuma Uchida Seth Magill
Takuya Ohta Katsuyuki Konishi Dameon Clarke
Alex Menning Jun'ichi Kanemaru Jay Hickman


  • This is a second spin-off series marking for the 10th anniversary on establishing the Iron Chef Antares series.
  • This is the first Iron Chef Antares series, or possibly the first time ever in the franchise to get a PG-13 due to language and brief/partial nudity.
  • This is the first series to have insert songs for each episodes, performed by main male characters
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