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Daisuke Otsubo
大坪 大輔
Ōtsubo Daisuke
Alias/NicknameDai Tsubota (坪田 大)
Daitsu (大津)

Daisuke Otsubo (大坪 大輔?) is a fictional Japanese voice actor and singer [1], and the seiyu of Clark Shiboshi from Project Cygnus Technocrat animation, replacing Daisuke Hirakawa, Goro Fujimiya from Hamaguri School Activities Clubs, and Tetsuya Mondo from Olympic Guardians SpiralClash. He also goes by the name Dai Tsubota (坪田 大 Tsubota Dai?) when voicing adult games, especially for otome/bl games. Daisuke Otsuba is capable to have a deep, gentle and sexy voice when voicing bishounen-type characters in otome games and boys love game, but also cheerful and energetic voice for hot-blooded characters for shounen anime. In singing career, Otsubo performed several songs from anime, video games and otome games. He is also the vocalist and lyricist of the Japanese rock band Van+Guard under his stage name Daitsu.



Original video animation

Original net animation

Video games

Otome games

BL Drama CD

Drama CD

R-18 Otome Drama CD



  • Go Out with Smile (2014)
  • Koi no Valhalla (恋のヴァルハラ Valhalla of Love?) (2015)
  • Diamond Dynamo Day (2016)
  • Destination (2017)
  • Tamashī no Hanryo (魂の伴侶 Soul's Mate?) (2018)
  • Haru no Sensation (春のセンセーション Spring Sensation?) (2019)
  • Shukufuku Sen'yaku (祝福仙薬 Blessing Panacea?) (2020) - Tribute for losing someone to novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Roses de Ressort

Roses de Ressort is a fictional idol unit from boys love rhythm game Luminous Star ~Sparkling Heart Tau⟡Project~ under his character name Reiji Sugaya.

Anime character songs

Voice Influences

Otsubo-san's voice acting is influenced by the voice actors Kishou Taniyama, Daisuke Namikawa and Eiji Takemoto.


  • Otsubo has an older brother.
  • He is the big fan of Tokio Hotel, Kayne West and BUMP OF CHICKEN.
  • Very good friend with Yuuta Takasugi and Tsurugi Watabe.
  • Aside from BL, he has lots of Otome CD projects, especially R-18 Otome CD.


  1. Otsubo-san doesn't really exist. And even if there's a person with the same name, they are not related to this page!
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