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The Cosmo Crest (コスモクレスト Kosumo Kuresuto?) are small logo-like emblems that are used to create many different effects, such as attacks, transformations, summoning machines, etc. They appear as a main collectible items in Gladiator of Field AceStriker, the source of AceStriker's power, in the form of small logos inspired by heraldic design, which allowed to grant any wish once all crests is collected. Starting from episode 1, it is confirmed that there are different types of Cosmo Crests. The transformations crests were survived from Apocalypse army after succeed steals all Cosmo Crests for evil purpose.


Each Cosmo Crest has a small logo-shaped piece with mainly colors for each: gray for transformations, silver for attack weapons, gold for summoning / combining mecha, platinum for power-up, bronze for skills effects / disguising abilities and white for special effects. Each depicts a specific item or object and are simplified in terms of coloring.

List of the Types of Cosmo Crests

Transformation Crests

Weapon Crests

Mecha Crests

Power-Up Crests



  • The Cosmo Crests are very similar to Cure Decors, Cure Loveads and Heart Seeds, all three are used to create different effects, such as attacks and transformation.
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